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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes — A new year and a new coach brings hope for the future of the Miami Hurricanes

Diaz is back, Pinckney is back, and, hopefully, Miami is back in 2019.

Andrew Ivins, 247 Sports

First and foremost, Happy New Year Canes fans. There is so much going on right now and I am just going to jump right into it.

Figuring out the offense clearly had to be priority number one for Manny Diaz and he got that ball rolling by firing every single offensive staff member and strength coach Gus Felder.

I was worried about Diaz’s willingness to make an extremely tough choice like that simply because he was an assistant just like them just five days ago, which I touched on when I gave my initial reaction on the hire. Clearly, I underestimated him in that aspect which just made me respect him that much more as the leader of this program.

I would imagine that we get some answers on the offensive side of the ball soon, presumably Wednesday at the earliest.

Diaz’s introductory press conference will be Wednesday January 2nd at 10:00 a.m.

Manny also reeled in one of his biggest recruits of his short tenure as Mike Pinckney announced that he would be returning for his senior year.

Shaq Quarterman is the only one of the three linebackers that came in together in the 2016 that has not announced his intentions, but at this point it seems safe to assume that him coming back is as realistic as ever.

Wide receiver Lawrence Cager has elected to transfer and will be immediately eligible wherever he chooses to play. Baylor, Arizona State, Utah, Maryland, and West Virginia are all options, according to Josh White.

Junior offensive lineman Venzell Boulware announced his intention to enter the NFL Draft via Twitter with this post:

That is all for me today. Hope everyone had a happy and safe new year! Go Canes!