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Miami Hurricanes LBs Mike Pinckney, Shaq Quarterman to return for senior season

Huge news here

Duke v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

While there has already been attrition from the Miami roster, there is a bit of continuity for Canes fans to get excited about.

On Monday night, junior LB Mike Pinckney announced his intention to return to Coral Gables on his Instagram account.

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year 4 otw

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On Tuesday afternoon, fellow junior LB Shaquille Quarterman announced his intention to stay for his senior season on his Twitter account.

Pinckney and Quarterman are the best 2 LBs on the roster, and among the best at their position nationally. Keeping them around for their senior year is a HUGE HUGE HUGE WIN for the Canes, who have seen far too many impact players leave early for the NFL (and have middling success at best at the next level).

Miami’s LB corps of Quarterman, Pinckney, fellow senior Zach McCloud and Most Improved Player STRIKER Romeo Finley will undoubtedly be one of the strengths of the defense and the team in 2019.

I know we talk about recruiting specific to HS players mostly, but these recruiting wins here — getting the top players on the roster to stay on the roster for another season — is arguably MORE impactful than getting a 4-star HS kid. The positive impact of Quarterman and Pinckney (and McCloud to a lesser extent but I don’t think he ever contemplated leaving) cannot be overstated.

Absolutely massive for Miami.

Hell yes.

Give ‘em hell, guys!

Go Canes