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Miami Hurricanes vs FIU Panthers 2019 game to be played at Marlins Park

The Canes return to the site of the OB

Miami Beach Bowl - South Florida v Western Kentucky
We’re coming home.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes and FIU Panthers will continue their football series with another matchup this year. That game will be played on November 23rd, as noted in the FIU schedule release from last week.

On Monday, Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press reported that Miami-FIU would be played at Marlins Park. This report was seconded by Mike Cugno of CBS4.

Miami had previously detailed in the agreement with FIU that the game, for which FIU will be the host team, be played at a stadium larger than the one on FIU’s campus. With both schools being local to SoFLA, this isn’t like Miami going to Appalachian State or Toledo; the CITY is gonna come out for this game and a 22,000 seat stadium wouldn’t be big enough.

So, the options were Hard Rock Stadium, Miami’s home stadium even if FIU would be the home team for the game, and Marlins Park.

Since the game will be played on 11/23 — after the conclusion of baseball season and surely well after the conclusion of the Marlins’ season — Marlins Park became FIU’s prime option. And, according to the multiple reports, that’s the decision that has been made.

This is going to be a bitter-sweet moment for Canes fans. Marlins Park stands in the place where the legendary Orange Bowl once stood. Miami built their national brand and championship history at the Orange Bowl, a stadium that was owned by the City of Miami and torn down in 2008.

Our beloved Orange Bowl
Hurricanes Sports

I don’t have a problem with playing FIU. They’re local, but they’re a lower tier school who Miami should easily beat once again.

The thing for me is the location. My Miami fandom was born and solidified at the OB, and going back to the place where it once stood to watch the Miami Hurricanes play a baseball going to be weird. Very weird and uncomfortable.

Oh well. A 35+ point win will be a good way to make me feel better. But still....this is where the OB used to be. And that’s going to be at the forefront of my brain.

Go Canes