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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: ‘Canes land a QB, ACC schedule is out, and national media attention

‘Canes are rolling through hump day

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NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Hurricanes are trying to right the ship and have done a bang up job of evening out depth chart issues with the addition of transfer quarterback Tate Martell from Ohio State and the re-re-re-turn of wide receiver Jeff Thomas. Both players aren’t without their baggage but Miami coach Manny Diaz seems to have a plan.

National Media

SB Nation’s Alex Kirshner wrote a piece titled, “Miami might be having college football’s best offseason so far.” I’m personally a huge fan of Alex’s work and this piece is par for the course. He’s a high quality addition to the SB Nation College Football team.

Sports Illustrated’s Laken Litman covered Tate Martell’s time in the transfer portal (sounds like Bill and Ted’s Football Adventure) in the piece, “Tate Martell Lived Both Sides of the Transfer Portal Drama on His Way to Miami.” Tate left OSU because Justin Fields portaled over to Columbus from Athens, GA.

Local Media

Manny Navarro covered the Hurricanes 2019 schedule for The Athletic (paywall)

Jordan McPherson and Susan Miller Degnan wrote a piece called, “Former Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts makes his transfer decision.” No, Miami isn’t getting Hurts as he decided on heading to Norman, OK and the Sooners.


I wrote a Film Room piece about Martell’s time at Ohio State, you can read that here.

Thomas covered Miami’s need to build an offensive line

Cam discussed the 2019 schedule, too

Social Media

The Wrap

It’s a fun time to be a Hurricane, now the coaches have to close out the recruiting season on February 6th. Also we’ll see if Manny allows anyone to watch his first spring game as head football coach. That’s my next big curiosity because I found it really strange how secretive Mark Richt was about the quality of his product, or lack there of.