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Welcome to the U: David Feeley Hired as Miami’s New Strength and Conditioning Coach

Manny Diaz expected to hire Feeley from Temple as its new Strength and Conditioning coach.

University of Miami Introduces Manny Diaz Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It’s been a busy week for Manny Diaz as he works on piecing together his supporting cast. While the defensive side of the ball is secure, the same can’t be said for the offense, as Diaz relieved all offensive assistants of their duties — including Gus Felder, Miami’s strength and conditioning coach.

The hire may be underwhelming news for some, as Miami fans are awaiting the hire of a new offensive coordinator. However, David Feeley will be a crucial piece to the puzzle, and he’ll play a massive role in the development of players at UM.

“David is an outstanding coach who has a strong track record of motivating players to help them reach their full potential,” Diaz stated in an official release. “The culture we’re putting into place and the tone we set for the upcoming season starts in the weight room when our players return to campus. That’s why this hire was so critical and I’m thrilled to welcome David to the Miami program.”

Feeley’s resume is limited, but the feedback he’s received from coaches rather than Diaz is impressive. It’s part of why Diaz wanted to keep Feeley so badly — knowing that this would be an attractive hire. Diaz displayed it during his brief tenure at Temple — making Feeley one of his top priorities.

Welcome to the U, Coach.