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4-star DE Khris Bogle says no thanks to Miami, commits to Alabama

Yet another L on the trail to Nick Saban’s machine

Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Cardinal Gibbons 4-star DE Khris Bogle gives Miami another L at the hands of Alabama on the trail.

Miami lost out on yet another top target today when Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Cardinal Gibbons 4-star DE Khris Bogle announced his commitment to the University of Alabama.

I’m really, REALLY sick and tired of Alabama. Miami has lost out on 5-star OT Evan Neal, 4-star S Jordan Battle, 4-star DE Justin Eboigbe (who Miami tried unsuccessfully to flip from Bama) 4-star DE Kevin Harris, 4-star DL Braylen Ingraham and now 4-star DE Bogle in this recruiting cycle ALONE.

To make matters worse, Battle, Ingraham and Bogle are all from Ft. Lauderdale, the heart of Miami’s recruiting base in South Florida. UGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!

Miami was once the unquestioned leader in Bogle’s recruitment, but that changed over time. Teams such as Tennessee, Florida State, and his announced destination of Alabama all got involved heavily in his recruitment, and the decision has now been made.

This is the kind of thing that cannot continue. Miami CANNOT keep missing on the top players locally. And hopefully, under new Head Coach Manny Diaz, they won’t.

Go Canes