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5-star WR Jadon Haselwood commits to Oklahoma

A last update on one of the best players in the 2019 recruiting class

The nation’s #1 WR won’t be coming to Miami. Sorry guys.

Just a quick and final update here. Ellenwood (GA) 5-star WR Jadon Haselwood committed to the Oklahoma Sooners at the All-American Bowl moments ago.

Haselwood, who was once though to be a a heavy, HEAVY Miami lean, eliminated the Canes as he moved from a top 5 to a top 4 last week. I didn’t write about that one (I think that was after my accident), so I’m writing about the final choice. In any event, it is no surprise that he isn’t coming here.

While it was widely thought and discussed that Haselwood was coming to Miami — for MONTHS this was the industry-wide prevailing thought — that proved to be a smokescreen for his desired and actual destination: Oklahoma.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Go Canes