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Miami Hurricanes News & Notes: Victory and looking ahead

The ‘Canes will look ahead to Georgia Tech in another home game

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Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Hurricanes edged out the Virginia Cavaliers on Friday night which makes the news stream a little light on Sunday. Here are some highlights from the weekend. The ‘Canes have two “easy wins” left on the schedule in Georgia Tech and FIU but the other four games are complete toss ups. That puts Miami at 5 wins (one coming from an FCS opponent) if they can’t pull out wins over Louisville, Duke, Florida State or Pitt.

Local Rags

The Athletic’s Manny Navarro covered “What can we expect from the Hurricanes after Friday’s win? More nail-biters and Greg Rousseau

The Herald’s Susan Miller Degnan covers the upcoming second half of the ‘Canes season.

The Sun-Sentinel’s David Furones talks the second half, too.

State Of The U

Our Dylan Sherry writes about how Miami’s defense bounces back in a colossal way

My film preview came out late Saturday, enjoy

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