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Where Should Miami Go From Here At Quarterback?

N’Kosi Perry or Jarren Williams?

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Alright, here we are again Canes fans, talking about the quarterback situation for Miami. With the recent victory over #20 Virginia on Friday night, should the Hurricanes ride with N’Kosi Perry? Or do they go back to Jarren Williams once he is cleared to play from his shoulder injury?

I’ll start off by saying that Manny Diaz told reporters following the win Friday that Williams is still the guy once he’s healthy. This article isn’t going to say who Miami is going with, because if he’s good to go it’ll obviously be Jarren. This article is saying who Miami SHOULD go with.

Williams was named the started midway through fall camp, and impressed in the first five games of the season. In those five games, Jarren threw for 1,074 yards, seven touchdowns and completed over 70% of his passes. He has also thrown three interceptions, all those coming against Virginia Tech last week.

Then there’s redshirt sophomore N’Kosi Perry, who came in for Williams in that Va Tech game and nearly led Miami to an incredible comeback win, while also throwing for over 400 yards and four touchdowns.

And then on Friday against UVA, Perry led the Canes to the upset victory that has saved their season for the time being. In the 17-9 win, Kosi definitely didn’t play a perfect game, in fact the offense was downright unwatchable in the second and third quarter. However, the last two drives of the game, Perry drove Miami to a field goal and a touchdown that lifted the Hurricanes to the win. Kosi finished the night going 16-27 passing for 182 yards and a touchdown, he also rushed for a score as well.

It’s unclear if Williams will be healthy enough to start against Georgia Tech next Saturday, and we’ll find out in the coming days/hours. Though, I think Kosi is the right quarterback moving forward in 2019 for the Canes.

Let me make myself perfectly crystal clear, I'm a big Jarren Williams fan. I’ve said multiple times that he’s the most proficient passer Miami has had since Ken Dorsey. He’s also the best quarterback equipped to run the Dan Enos offense. Here’s the thing though, because of the Hurricanes personnel on offense, especially on the line, the Enos typical offense isn’t what’s going to bring the most results for the remainder of the season. If Miami had at least a decent offensive line, then Jarren is the guy, but that’s not the story this season.

For one, Kosi is better against the blitz and under pressure, and he showed it against Virginia. According to PFF, Perry was 9-15 for 114 yards and a touchdown when blitzed on Friday. Like this play for example, first drive, guard Navaughn Donaldson gets pushed back into his quarterback, and even though Kosi can’t step into this throw, he delivers an accurate pass on the sideline to K.J. Osborn for a big gain.

Or here against Virginia Tech last week. Pocket breaks down, Perry has to roll out to his right, and is still able to find Jeff Thomas.

He’s also able to make plays with his legs. Two of the biggest plays of the game, Perry had to use his legs and make something happen. On the opening drive, Miami had a 4th and 7, Kosi recognized the man coverage Virginia was in and took off, picking up the first down. The Canes scored a couple plays later.

Then in the fourth quarter, with Miami needing a touchdown to give their lead more cushion, on 3rd and goal, Perry stepped up and found the end zone.

In my opinion, those are plays that Williams probably doesn’t make. Perry’s ability to scramble is huge especially with the offensive line that Miami has. Kosi’s legs also helped him avoid sacks as well, as the Hurricanes OL gave up three sacks on the night, which was the least amount Miami had against a power five opponent this season.

And here’s the bottom line, Perry has the hot hand right now. He came in and nearly brought Miami back against the Hokies, and then he leads his team to win over a ranked Virginia team. He may not have the accuracy that Jarren Williams has, but the team is playing well right now with him, why mess up that chemistry?

Also, Williams is recovering from a shoulder injury. One, you rush him and put him out there against Georgia Tech, what happens when he gets possibly gets hurt again? Second, and this is an unfortunate case, but is Williams’ shoulder going to limit Miami’s passing game? I understand that the kid wants to redeem himself, but you have to look at what’s best for the entire team.