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How Miami can make something out of this year

What Miami must need to do in order to finish the season strong

NCAA Football: Virginia at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It is quite obvious that this season is not what we expected. If you told me before the season we would be 3-3, I would find it hard to believe based on how our offseason went. Miami has athletes all around, and has been the better team in all matchups besides week 0.

What needs to be done for Miami to finish the year strong


  • Average around 33 ppg for the rest of the season (currently at 29.5 ppg). There is no reasons why our offense should be averaging less than that. With a very bad offensive line, we are forced to do screens, quick throws, and power runs. I would love for us to somehow air it out more to our wideouts.
  • FEED DEEJAY. Im not sure what else needs to be said. He is our best overall player on the team, and is NFL bound after this year. Being behind the worst o line in football hasn't stopped him from having one of the best YPC in the nation. An NFL team is going to be very pleased with him.
  • Get more passes to Jeff Thomas, Brevin Jordan, and KJ Osborn. We have too much talent on this offense for it to not be making more plays!
  • Stop the runs and screens on the short side of the field during crucial downs. Im not sure if it is just me, but I find giving our playmakers the ball in space more effective then having them find small holes with limited space.
  • Figure out why our offensive line can't block defenders that are smaller than them.
  • Do less jet sweeps, especially if they are running right off the hip of our tackles.
  • Prevent Cam Harris from not having an effective year.

I am no coach, even though I would love to be, but Coach Dan Enos should be able to do more. I completely understand that our OL causes a lot of our issues, and don't allow our QB’s to air it out deep. I am still not a fan of the amount of runs up the middle, and plays we attempt on the short side of the field. I personally would love to see an additional tackle lined up, and use their blocking skills to help seal the edge for our running backs to make plays!


  • KEEP STARTING GREG ROSSEAU! He is an absolute freak, and will make a lot of money in the NFL. This is no disrespect to Scott Patchan, he is a good edge rusher, but you don't sit talent like Greg.
  • Get turnovers. It is no secret that when we get the chain to come out, we automatically get momentum for a portion of the game.
  • Record more sacks, this will help our secondary tremendously!
  • Hello Coach Manny Diaz, welcome back to calling our defense. I am honestly not surprised that in his first game of “being more involved”, we hold the Virginia Cavaliers to no touchdowns (on the year they averaged 32.2 ppg).
  • Get Michael Pinckney and Shaq Quarterman to attack the line more. They are at their best when making plays at the line, so unless they improve in coverage, I would love to seem the thrive at causing fumbles and rushing the QB.
  • Find a way to get Jonathan Garvin and Trevon Hill nationally recognized. The world lives off stats, and feeds off sacks. They are both having outstanding years, just need to get the sacks.

Obviously this is all easier said than done, but when all of these things are executed, it is Miami Football. Our coaching staff definitely wants to execute all of these, but we must be able to put it all together and show the ACC that we are truly the team to beat in the Coastal.

For a recruiting standpoint, if we constantly win in the Coastal, this will allow us to land commitments from player that will move this program in the right direction. This week should be a blow out for Miami, and should be a stat padding game. A lot of recruits will be watching, and we can't afford to not dominate in all of our games.

The 2020 class still has time to add some stars, but it is up to Miami to win these games and show that we are going to be contenders very soon.

5-star LB Justin Flowe will be on an OV (Nov 9) for our matchup against Louisville, and will be important for our senior linebackers to have a strong finish to the season. We must have everything go perfectly to impress Flowe and the rest of our targets!

Go Canes!