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Super Bowl Champion Gives Candid Assessment of ‘Canes Offensive Line

Brett Romberg and Bryant Mckinnie go all in on the State Of The Offensive Line on Romberg’s Podcast.

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami
The Offensive Line is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.
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Brett Romberg had Bryant Mckinnie on his podcast and they laid it alllllll on the line with what they have experienced in their interactions with the current Miami Hurricanes Offensive Lineman. Nothing was held back and it is a troubling indictment of the direction of this storied program. I encourage you to listen and subscribe as I am sure there will be more commentary of interest.


The segment is only 15 minutes long, but from the outset it was RAPID FIRE fact spitting from the first round draft pick as he waxed poetic on what’s wrong with the lineman and how they can improve things.

Brett opened the show and said he and other former players are concerned with the performance of the team and the outlook of the program that he and others worked so hard to build.

McKinnie started by saying “let’s get into it because I’m ready to talk about this”. He mentioned a lack of communication amongst the lineman, them not talking isn't emphasized enough, and some of the guys not knowing the plays.


McKinnie mentioned social media hype videos, but when guys hit the field they aren't ready to go. #PREEEACH BMac!

They both mentioned that they feel like their time isn't being respected as the lineman aren't paying attention to the tutoring they were there to provide. Brett said he spent 2 and a half hours “ass chewing” as the “info went in one ear and out of the other”.

McKinnie said:

“I don't know if you realize that you're the reason the team is struggling... I don't know if you just happy to be at the University of Miami or what, but we need to figure this out.”


Both of the former players stressed that fans are reaching out to them online telling them to go help out, but it isn't allowable due to NCAA rules. There are specific ways that it needs to be done, so the fans need to relax.

There was discussion about Coach Barry (You HAVE to hear it) and his interactions with the former players.

McKinnie even went as far as calling out a SPECIFIC PLAYER for playing around while he was trying to teach them.

He mentioned cliques amongst the lineman, which can't exist.

Romberg will be the Honorary Captain on November 9th, and he will be speaking to the team. Romberg said he was bringing “a mouthguard and some MMA gloves because its about to go DOWN!”

I can guarantee you NONE of them want that smoke... LOL!

They both said the lineman are much bigger and stronger than back in the day, but the are not physical. They don't use their hands. Robert said they won't throw hands.

McKinnie suggested weighted gloves to Butch Barry, and he isn't sure what happened with that from there. Says he has been trying to help.

Presence on campus

Brett asked about the feel McKinnie gets from Barry while he's at practice. Brett felt like he wasn't welcomed as anything other than an observer.

They clowned Butch about jump setting every play. The former players laughed it off as they wouldn't do it that way. (WwwOoowwW)

McKinnie called for a consulting team to be put together, along with a budget for it, so they can come out to coach twice a week and they can focus on technique.

McKinnie cracked the ozone with this comment:

“I understand that’s the coach, let him coach, but sometimes they don’t understand the technique as well as we do and we can teach the technique because, I don’t feel like they doin a good job!”

He goes on to say:

“That’s why you see some people leave there [UM] and they go to the NFL and they end up having a better career because they’re coached better.”


He is absolutely right about that... I don't want to spoil it for you, so do yourselves a favor and LISTEN to the segment for yourself.

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