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Canes Fans Have Reason To Be Upset

What do you have to say now Manny Diaz?

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It pains me even to write an article as depressing as this, but these are just the facts. After the Hurricanes loss to Georgia Tech this past Saturday, its been a few days of frustration, numbness, and simply searching for answers, trying to figure out what is happening with Miami.

Saturday was probably the most mad I’ve ever been watching a Canes game. Having started watching this team in 2002, I’ve been through the ringer as a fan. Virginia in 2007, seven straight years of losing to FSU, the 2018 season, I’ve seen my fair share of disappointment. However, this past weekend topped it all.

And it wasn’t just that game against the Georgia Tech, it was almost that loss was the culmination of over 15 years of being overhyped, having so much “talent” and not doing anything with it, so many things all coming together in that overtime defeat.

Now, I'm usually the first one to point out when fans are speaking complete nonsense, and most of the time that’s the case. But right now, with the Canes sitting at 3-4, I'm welcoming all UM fans to voice their frustration and anger towards this team.

The moment that Manny Diaz was hired at the end of December, its been nothing but good news coming from Coral Gables, and #TNM promised nothing but an improved Miami and how this program is going to be relevant once again.

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t be as mad if Diaz and his staff weren’t so cocky throughout the offseason. Go crash coaching clinics, show up to booster events on yachts, bring all these guys to the facility, but do these things if you’re going to win. When you don't win, those actions just look pathetic, and you as the coach looks like a clown.

I’m not here to say that Diaz should be fired, because in my opinion it’s a little insane to say he should be gone after his first seven games. Though, I won't say the same thing about some of his assistant coaches he hired. Dan Enos, Butch Barry, Blake Baker, all three guys who I think are either on the hot seat or simply need to go.

However, Diaz needs to be held accountable and put some of this blame on himself.

And then, to say that this team is in a “rebuild” simply made me lose my mind. Again, I'd be fine if he didn’t hype up this season so much, but he did, and the word “rebuild” didn’t come up once, not ONCE! Then, all of a sudden, after the horrendous loss to the Yellow Jackets, he has the audacity to say that Miami is in a rebuild.

I can totally understand losing to the Gators, or even at North Carolina in a rowdy environment. But to score 17 points against Central Michigan, lose to a Virginia Tech team you were better than, and then lose to 1-5 Georgia Tech, then that’s when I start to get mad, and I don't blame Miami fans at all for being upset.

At the end of the day, Miami fans deserve better than this. I know how much of a homer that makes me sound, but in 2019 it’s 100% true. You can’t have the kind of offseason that Diaz and UM had, and then roll this pathetic team onto the field. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk.