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GAME THREAD: Miami Hurricanes at Pittsburgh Panthers

Miami goes on the road for the first time in nearly 2 months to face off against Pitt

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Welcome to another Miami Hurricanes gameday, boys and girls!

This week, after nearly 2-months at home, the Canes hit the road and travel to face the Pittsburgh Panthers.

Usually, I’d link to a bunch of pre-game pieces. But, since I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon before travelling to California for a long weekend, I kinda sorta wasn’t able to do that. BUT, I will say that you’re already on SOTU, so click around and see the other great pieces on the site before kickoff.

Here’s how to watch (which I wrote hella early this week)

There’s a game preview on the site.

There’s Justin Dottavio’s film preview.

There’s John Michaels’s matchup preview.

And more stuff. Seriously. Go check it out real quick before the game.

But, once the game starts (and even before), hop in the comments and discuss the action. Will the Canes be the tough, fierce group that beat Virginia a couple weeks ago? Or will they be the, uh, “uninspiring” team that lost to Georgia Tech last weekend?

Only time will tell. But we’ll (I mean, you’ll) be here to talk about it all the way through.

Happy watching!

Go Canes