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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes — Virginia Tech Week Continues

Canes have a must win on Saturday against Va Tech

Central Michigan v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Hurricanes have a huge game coming up on Saturday, as they try and restart their season with a win against the Virginia Tech Hokies.

I (Marsh) wrote a piece on how the Canes can still salvage their 2019 season, but it has to start with a win against Va Tech.

Candis McLean gave us an in depth look at how Miami fans have been tweeting since the Central Michigan game.

Carl Bleich broke-down the power rankings for teams in the state of Florida, and there’s a new last place team in the Sunshine State.

KappaCane talked about how the Hurricanes have performed in the past when coming off of a bye week.

And finally, Mike Meredith knocked it out of the park again with #WallpaperWednesday.