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Twitter Talk: Why Florida State will Beat Miami, according to Seminoles Fans

There’s been tons of trash talk between the Canes and Noles fan bases. Let’s take a peek at the tweets pouring out of Tallahassee.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s officially FSU Hate Week. The rivalry between the Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles goes back 68 years. This Sunshine State war, in which the Canes maintain a three-game lead, always has thunderous hits and continually brews an air of disdain that can only come from an in-state showdown. Winners of the last two games, Miami will look to notch another victory when they take on the Noles this Saturday at noon. Battles on the gridiron will often spark a war of words between fanbases. Between Canes and Noles fans, no love is lost. The rumblings and chirping began early in the week. Here’s what some Noles fans had to say about the upcoming game:

Trash Talking

Ex-Seminoles player Freddie Stevenson pointed out how much Canes fans run our mouths. The former fullback said, “They haven’t been good since 01.” It’s an interesting thing to say. The Canes won the matchups in 2001, 2002, 2003, and twice in 2004. It really baffles him that the Canes, after winning in consecutive years, have fans who bring up the victories. One of the best things about winning is telling somebody about it, Freddie.

It’s Not Last Year

FSU RB Khalan Laborn took a peek at a calendar and realized that it’s not last year. He promises it will be a different game. Yes, it is in fact 2019 and not 2018. When pressed about his level of confidence, he said: “that’s how I feel.” That’s some top-shelf analysis.

We Won 5 Championships a While Ago and Trophy Cases

The main commentary coming from Tallahassee is the Canes fanbase’s habit of bringing up NCAA National Championships. We get it, you won a championship when the iPhone5S was out. It’s not crazy to acknowledge that 5 championships, though dusty, are more than 3. I also don’t think FSU will need a bigger trophy case anytime soon either FSU2Times.

D.J. Matthews Won’t Find it Challenging

The video of the week came from Noles WR D.J. Matthews. Matthews stated that he finds “nothing” challenging about the Miami secondary. Matthews has caught 5 catches for 15 yards against Miami. If the secondary hasn’t been challenging then I guess he’s just terrible.

Nobody is Messaging Austin on Facebook

Let’s be clear here, nobody is hiding from FSU fans. According to that fanbase, we’re either talking too much trash or not enough. I can’t keep up. Outside of a 69 temp, I don’t know “what’s coming” Saturday. The fact that FSU fans have grown in conviction, after weeks of trashing Willie Taggart, is hilarious.

One Fan Made a Bet

As you can see from my weekly over/under posts, I love a good bet. Also, putting down $5 for FSU to win the championship is not a bad “why not” Hail Mary attempt. If you’re looking for a Canes loss in Tallahassee to keep that long shot rolling, look elsewhere. It’s time to shred the ticket. FSU is now at +20000 to win it all. Why stop at the May bet?

A Sweep is Brewing

I honestly don’t know if this was a sarcastic tweet or not. Maybe this fan wasn’t talking about this year. But yes, there are fans who believe that FSU will beat both the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators. This rivalry has taken me to Tallahassee a few times. I have yet to drink their water so I can’t say for sure what’s in it. But, it’s clear something is.

What are you hearing from FSU fans? What’s your confidence level going into the weekend?