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Twitter Talk: Fan reactions from the Canes’ loss to Virginia Tech

From defensive coordinator criticisms to calls for a QB swap, Canes fans wrote it all after the VT loss.

Virginia Tech at Miami Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Weeks into the season is when fans, players, and coaches can truly distinguish between a lull and an identity. It’s not long before a muffed punt one week and a broken coverage in another begins to define your season. Plenty of Miami Hurricane fans have spent several weeks attempting to tranquilize their doubting thoughts. Game reactions have volleyed from repulsion by the uninspired play on the field to logical counters of inexperience and solid performances against good teams. However, there comes a time where you have to assess. There comes a time where you have to admit, this is who we are. In every game, even against lower-tier opponents like Bethune-Cookman and the Central Michigan Wildcats, there have been several constants. The offensive line efficiency has been horrendous, the kicking game has been problematic, the offense has not been dynamic, and tackling has not been consistent. The Canes came off a bye when they played the Virginia Tech Hokies and still continued the streak of early fluctuating play. There are positives to take from the game. The offense showed signs of life once Jarren Williams’ 3 INTs forced N’Kosi Perry into the game. The team also displayed great fight when clawing back into the game. The aftermath from the 42-35 defeat left many fans questioning how the Canes can improve while facing harsh realities about the season’s prognosis.

Virginia Tech at Miami Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Tweets through the Weekend

Several fans have questioned the team’s pride, coaching, and leadership. The quarterback swap, Blake Baker’s defensive calls, and the offensive line play were all buzzing topics of conversation. VT’s Hendon Hooker led offense was 9 for 16 (56%) on 3rd down. A lot of those conversions, came on the ground, as Hooker rushed for a game-high 76 yards. Whether it was coaching or play execution, the defense looked out-of-sorts early on.

Coming into the matchup, Miami was ranked sixth nationally (now 7th) in rush defense. Previously allowing 59.75 rushing yards per game, Hooker, Deshawn McClease, and others combined for 153 yards. Manny Diaz inserting himself into the defense was a fan necessity that has come to fruition. Patience in a fanbase is something that often called for but rarely sustained. There are several personnel elements that will likely go unchanged through the season. From coaches, to the offensive line, to the kicker, improvement will likely come via scheme instead of shuffling. How do you feel about the quarterback situation, Manny taking the reins of the defense, and the ability for the team to salvage the season?