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FanPulse Top 25 — Week 11


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Louisville at Miami
The man with the plan.
Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome back, sports fans! We’re back with another week of the SB Nation and State of the U Fan Pule Top 25 rankings. Here is what the national picture looks like:

It should come as no surprise that after a fairly dominant win over Alabama that LSU remains at the top of the FanPulse top 25. Some interesting names a bit further down the list, like UNDEFEATED MINNESOTA at 7, Appalachian State, who has beaten both North Carolina and South Carolina ON THE ROAD this year at #20, and #9Windiana at 24.

Upon feedback from the community, SB Nation added a graphic for the question of the week. This week, everyone was asked who their Heisman Trophy front runner is. The answer may surprise some, but it’s who I personally voted for after what we’ve seen this season:

Yeah. Joe Burrow may have been 11/24 for 140 yards when he debuted against Miami last year. But this year, LSU’s starting QB is putting up MASSIVE numbers and has the Tigers top everybody’s rankings, undefeated and in control of their destiny to make the College Football Playoff. If that’s not a current Heisman front runner, IDK what is.

While the Canes aren’t ranked yet, things are improving. But before we talk about how much they’re improving, let’s look at the SOTU FanPulse top 25 right quick:

State of the U Illustration by Mike Meredith

Those look good to me.

The important thing to me, right now, is the direction, and perception, of the Miami Hurricanes program. After being the highest positive response since the season opener against Florida, the SOTU confidence poll went even higher this week after the 52-27 beatdown of Louisville on Senior Day. Check it out:

Now at an impressive 97.7%, the confidence poll is again the highest since the Florida game (and that number was 98.5% so it’s very, very close to that level). A 4-touchdown win on Senior Day/Homecoming/Official Visit triple combo weekend against a conference team who was running their mouths based upon their previous 3-game win streak against Miami will do that.

Now bowl eligible, the Canes head into a bye week, their 3rd of the year, before wrapping up the regular season against FIU and Duke, both on the road. Miami has turned things around in a big way recently, winning their last 3 consecutive games, including beating Florida State for a 3rd consecutive year. If this kind of performance continues, Miami could end up in a pretty decent bowl game to end the year.

But, first things first. Get healthy in the bye week then close the season strong. And maybe we’ll see the highest confidence rating for the Canes all season. Wouldn’t that be something!

Go Canes