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CFB Poll Update: Week 12

Changes abound after a chaotic, exciting week of college football

Minnesota Golden Gophers beat the Penn State Nittany Lions Photo by Mark Vancleave/Star Tribune via Getty Images

A new no. 1, Clemson moving into the top 4, and a brand new team enters the Top 10. We are officially in November, the craziest part of the college football season. In a season that has been mostly paint by numbers, no colossal upsets to knock a top 5 school from a potential playoff spot, except for overrated Oklahoma’s loss against K-State, this week finally gave us some chaos. In the CFB Playoff Poll, every single team is either a new addition or moved in some way. That’s due mostly to Minnesota’s climb into the Top 10, up from 17th after upsetting no. 4 Penn State, a 31-26 victory that saw them jump nine spots to 8th. LSU controlled their game against Alabama and earned a convincing, 46-41 win that was closer on the stat sheet than it was in reality. LSU is the new no. 1 for the playoff committee and Bama dropped out of the playoff with a two spot tumble to 5th. The top four now stands at LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia, respectively.

The Pac-12 remains alive in the playoff hunt, with Oregon and Utah sitting at 6 and 7. If both teams remain with just one loss when they enter the conference championship, the winner could find themselves in over a second SEC school; say Alabama. This bodes well for a conference that looked dead after Oregon lost to Auburn in Week 1 and Utah lost to USC in their fourth game. The Big 12 could be the conference who isn’t represented this year, with undefeated Baylor at 13th and one-loss OU at 10th. Even with a huge matchup between these two this week, would a win by either team be enough to get them in the playoff race? It seems unlikely, barring a major upset against Clemson - it’s almost certain that the SEC and Big 10 will be represented in some way.

Elsewhere, few other games shook up the polls quite like Penn State-Minnesota and Bama-LSU. Texas rejoins the committee’s poll at 19th after a 27-24 victory over K-State that saw the Wildcats fall from 16th to 24th. App State also makes their first appearance in the CFBP poll at 25th, following a road victory over South Carolina.