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Its Game Day: Miami vs Florida State

For Miami, the most important regular season game is here.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This day is different then any other Saturday...

This day carries more weight then most games...

The hatred is much more pure then ever...

A rivalry that has more history alone then most football programs..

This rivalry is the definition of dominating the man across from you.

The day is now... For Miami vs Florida State...

November 2nd at 3:30, the 64th matchup will take place for these two historic programs, and after the clock hits triple zeros, one team will gain a tally in the winners bracket. This is arguably the game that means the most during each season, it carries a lot of weight in the recruiting world.

The atmosphere for this game is going to be electric and nothing short of incredible. Both teams are having very disappointing years for their standards.... but the winner of this matchup is able to gain bragging rights and self fulfillment that they did their job for the players before them.

This game is going to determine the season for these two teams, due to the momentum after this blood bath.

These players should have a hard time sleeping the night prior, they should crave the feeling of being on that field, they should want to look at their opponent in the eyes and let them know that the stronger man will win the matchups. This is a dog fight, and it has been nothing short of that during these matchups.

It is time for the Miami Hurricanes to travel to Doak, and simply dominate the Florida State Seminoles. I expect to beat them in every category on offense and defense. I want to see DeeJay Dallas, Brevin Jordan, Jeff Thomas, K.J. Osborn, and Jarren Williams lead this offense and be able to throw up the “U” after every first down and touchdown.

Defensively, I want our senior linebackers to actually have their best game of the season, and showcase the hype coming into the season. We need our DL to get sacks and slow down Cam Akers.

This is the game where you make the recruits who went to FSU regret not coming to Miami. This is the game where you show future Miami Hurricane football players, that this is the place to be. I fully anticipate coach Manny Diaz to get our players ready mentally and physically, and have them represent Miami in every way.

I want Miami to have limited flags and turnovers. We must do better in the run and pass game, and cannot allow any deep balls.. FSU has speed on the outside and will look to get their wideouts the ball near the numbers.

We are the Miami Hurricanes and I expect a win this week, and our team to actually play all 60 minutes with fight and dominate!

Let’s kick off already, and let’s go to war.

Go Canes.