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Marsh’s Mailbag: Which juniors will leave early, what are my feelings on Dan Enos now, which recruits does Miami have a shot at?

Which recruits is Miami still looking at? Those questions and more.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Louisville at Miami Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  • Do you see any possible surprise recruits that have not committed yet to Miami

I know what everyone wants me to say here, they want to say that I think Justin Flowe will end up committing to Miami, but I just don't think it’s going to happen. However, I do think we land Dazalin Worsham (WR) and hopefully Jalen Harrell (DB). Those are my two big name players that I think the Canes will land to close out the 2020 class.

  • Bowl game projection?

Well, bowl game projections seems to change every 24 hours, and now, Brett McMurphy has projected Miami to play in the Orange Bowl against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

  • Are we going after anymore offensive linemen in the 2020 class?

I sure hope so! And the answer is yes. Though they may not be as high profile players as say Justin Flowe or Darnell Washington, the Hurricanes are indeed going after more offensive lineman for this class. Some names to know are Kobe Baynes, RJ Adams also Marcus Dumervil.

  • If the Canes had a good kicker what would their record be this year?

Oh man, this is an interesting question. There’s no doubt that kickers have plagued the Hurricanes this year. Florida, UNC, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, all four losses that Miami has had this season, the kicking game has played a role in. Then again, in all those losses, there were other factors in the Canes losing. Muffed punts, poor tackling, slow starts. It’s not all the kickers fault. However, for the sake of the question, let’s say.....8-2.

  • Do you think Tate Martell will transfer? If so were does he go?

This sucks for me to answer, because everyone knows how big of a Martell fan I am. However, seeing how well Jarren Williams is playing, and knowing you have N’Kosi Perry also here, and Tyler Van Dyke coming in next season, I could see Tate leaving. I think he’d do fantastic in a spread offense that utilizes his mobility, so perhaps somewhere like Utah or some team in the Big 12.

  • Is Sam Brooks getting redshirted?

I’d think so. We haven’t seen much of the true freshman this season, though I thought that he could do the job at several points this year. I personally think that Brooks will play a big role on the defense for the next several years, so I guess we’ll see him in 2020.

  • Does Lorenzo Lingard stay for next year? If so, what role do you envision him being in?

I’ve been asked this several times already, and quite frankly it’s really getting annoying. To answer this question again, I honestly don’t know if Lingard is staying next season. I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed, and I wouldn't be surprised if he left. If he stayed, I think he’d have a big role on the offense and be one of Miami’s primary backs. He has obvious talent that we’ve seen flashes of.

  • Which juniors could you see potentially leaving for the NFL Draft early?

This has definitely been a hot topic for discussion lately, and one that I've been thinking about since the offseason. In my opinion, I think DeeJay Dallas is the only player that should consider leaving early for the Draft. He's had a successful season, and running back is such a hard position, when you take in account injuries and what not, so I think he could leave after 2019.

But I think players like Jeff Thomas and Jonathan Garvin would find it very beneficial to stay at Miami for their senior season.

  • What are your thoughts on Dan Enos now as the season has progressed?

I’ve definitely been very vocal on my thoughts about Dan Enos and his offense, whether they’ve been good or bad. However, it definitely seems that his offense and scheme are starting to come to fruition as the season goes on. If he can stay running what he’s been running lately, which is more spread formations and what not, I wouldn’t be mad if he returned in 2020.