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The old and boring argument against FIU students and alumni that root for Miami

As a current FIU student, I’m putting this to bed

NCAA Football: Florida International at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you that don't know, I am currently a senior at FIU and, yes, I root for the University of Miami the same way many students and alumni of FIU do.

FIU fans don’t love that and I get it.

The argument from the small but feisty pack of FIU die-hards that see that as an issue is really just an issue between themselves. I, personally, was raised to be a Miami Hurricanes fan the same way I was raised to love the Heat, Marlins and Dolphins.

I wasn't raised as a fan of the University of Miami because my parents were alumni. I wasn't raised as a fan of the University of Miami because of college pride. I was raised as a fan of the University of Miami because they were one of the most polarizing programs in college football history for an extended period of time and the generations before me fell in love with the university and their team.

So, what? Suddenly, I attend a university for a few years and I’m supposed to just drop all of that and call it “school pride?”

That’s ridiculous.

I’m not going to change a part of what brings me and my family together and something we grew up loving and supporting because I’m taking classes at the university my favorite team is playing against.

I feel like it’s a very logical and simple argument.

But I do get supporting your school, which I do to an extent. I don't ever hope they lose (except on Saturday), I just don't actively root for them to win. I have never been to a game in my life and they’re a five-win team so they’re not exactly winning over fans right now. I honestly just don’t care very much.

One of my favorite tweets of the week from FIU’s side is this one, calling Miami the “University of Coral Gables” and calling FIU “Miami State” while asking their legion of fans to call out the Panthers who betrays the “brand.”

Well, I’m right here. And I’m sure that, worst case, I’ll get a few fans in my mentions probably calling me a clown like they did last time. It’s always the same lazy responses.

And to be clear, I don’t *HATE* FIU by any stretch of the imagination. I’m extremely grateful for some of the great professors I’ve had along the way that have helped mold me and push me to be better. I might hate the hour car/bus ride the university forces me to take because they don’t have their communications school on their main campus, but otherwise I am a big fan of FIU the university.

But I’m a college football guy. I love Miami, but I also love the sport of college football and FIU, quite honestly, is an afterthought. It’s just the way it is.

So stop getting on people for being fans of their teams. The Miami Hurricanes are an equal to a professional sports team down here whether FIU fans like it or not. Their fan base runs far and wide and, yes, Miami has “800% less students” but that’s not what we’re talking about.

It’s about FOOTBALL where there is simply no comparison. And there shouldn’t be. And you shouldn’t be mad about it because it is what it is.

Don’t like it? Don’t lose to FAU, your rival, by a combined 93 points in three years.

Play some quality football, don’t lose to the Western Kentucky’s, upset a power five program and generate some interest among your student body. Don’t blame me for not bleeding blue and gold.