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Miami vs FIU: Three Stars of the Game

Were there any positives in Miami’s most embarrassing loss ever?

Miami v Florida International Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Miami suffered their most embarrassing loss in school history 30-24 to FIU at Marlins Park. They were lethargic, outplayed, outcoached and outclassed all night long by FIU who seemed to care and want the game much more.This is the third time Miami has been brutally bad after a bye week, and also my third time writing this piece, so I’m not sure who is at fault for these awful performances.

Were their 3 stars of the game this week? Did anyone in a Miami jersey seem to give a crap about winning a game on the site of The Orange Bowl? The answer is a resounding no!

Jarren WIlliams was not a star. If it wasn’t for some meaningless throws down 23-3 in the 4th quarter, Williams was not good at all throwing 3 interceptions that helped dig Miami into a big hole. He looked tentative and unsure of where he was going with the ball. Jarren obviously has a lot of talent, but tonight was not his night.

The defense as a unit were not stars at all. Too many missed tackles, and outside of Romeo Finley the team looked a day late and a dollar short. Where was the defensive line? The group that dominated vs Pitt, FSU and Louisville. They were non existent and never could get FIU stopped when the offense needed them.

Miami v Florida International Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The coaching staff absolutely were not stars. Manny Diaz had this team unprepared, flat, and looking like the Conference USA team, not a 5 time National Champion. Blake Baker couldn’t draw up a stop if his life depended on it, and Dan Enos is 100% not the answer at OC. It was a horrible night for the staff, and something will need to be changed as Miami fell to 0-3 coming off a bye week.

This type of loss deserves every bit of the criticism it ends up getting. Long story short, no one on the Canes stepped up tonight until it was way too late. I hope DeeJay Dallas is ok, because if nothing else he has played with every ounce the passion that should be expected from a Miami player.