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An Unforgivable Performance

Horrible, shameful, and flat-out disappointing.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida International Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After erupting for over 50-points against ACC-foe Louisville, Miami’s offense screeched to a painful halt against FIU.

It seemed that offensive coordinator Dan Enos and his group were coming into fruition a week ago — looking unstoppable against the Cardinals. Unfortunately, what we saw on Saturday night was the complete opposite.

With that being said, not all of Miami’s offensive struggles were Enos’ fault.

Jarren Williams, who threw a record-breaking 6 touchdown passes against Louisville, played his worst since the Virginia Tech game. 1 or 2 of his 3 interceptions weren’t his fault, arguably, but there were multiple passes that could’ve been easily picked-off by FIU defenders. Holding him accountable in this situation is necessary. Instead of checking-down, Williams often forced the ball into coverage.

Ultimately, Williams looked shell-shocked — it was a far cry from his recent performances, and a repeat of what we saw earlier in the year.

Another discouraging sign was the offensive line — who looked their worst since playing Georgia Tech. Williams made bad decisions, but being under pressure constantly didn’t help in the slightest. What’s particularly frustrating is the fact that FIU’s defense — pass-rush included — isn’t nearly as good as the ‘Canes made it seem.

In conclusion, it was a nightmare. Miami played to FIU’s strengths perfectly. Of course, the injury to DeeJay Dallas was heartbreaking and demoralizing for the team, but there’s no excuse for the horrid performance we witnessed on Saturday night. They were uninspired and showed no sign of urgency.

Looking forward, the ‘Canes travel to Durham, North Carolina to face Duke, who will be fighting for bowl eligibility. Who knows how the ‘Canes will react to suffering one of the worst losses in program history.