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Put up or shut up

Manny has some tough decisions to make, and they will define his legacy as a Miami Hurricane. Tread lightly, my friend.

Miami v Florida International Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Someone on Twitter said if you’ve lost Kappa you know its bad... You lost me dog.

Anger, disgust, frustration, bewilderment, all words that I use to describe the last 24 hours as a Miami Hurricanes fan.

How? How does that happen?

How the hell do you lose to an inferior team, coached by a washed up, disgusting excuse for a coach? A bum that ran out on the Canes after 6 seasons like the deadbeat he is... it’s unfathomable. That recycled senior citizen had the nerve, THE NERVE, to breathe a reference to DeeJay Dallas’ injury when answering a question about his team blatantly flopping to stall Miami on multiple occasions. No class. None.

I took to twitter last night excoriating the play calling:

I chimed in on the clock management woes we seem to continue to experience:

I had a few back in forth moments with friends about where the blame should lie, and in my opinion, I was right. There is more than enough blame to go around:

I even discussed a topic I wrote about in early October regarding our performances coming off a bye:

I have questions, and I would ask the man myself, but yeah... the closest I can get to him is on Twitter... so I guess I’ll use what I have and then move on. I took a moment to write a few of my “colleagues” to ask their assistance with getting to the million dollar answer, but sadly none of them gave any indication of their willingness to ask the much needed question.

People on Twitter suggested other reporters I should have included in the OP, so I reached out to them as well. Same result thus far... no replies.

When it’s all said and done, the dust is going to settle. People will ask who had the courage to speak for the people? Not simple, softball questions, but difficult legitimate inquiries into the mind of a man that allows his team to be flat time after time... a man that claims accountability is critical, but doesn't show it when it comes to the failures of HIS hand picked staff. How many times do we need to hear “It starts with me” before we MAKE IT start with him?

If I had a media pass, I am certain it would get pulled because I would ask the elephant in the room questions, respectfully, but unapologetically. Why are you featuring walk-ons on offense, defense, and special teams while more skilled players are on the roster?

The list of questions can go on, but I’ll spare you the agony.

Manny, I know you. I like you. You have your heart in the right place. This is your moment, Manolo. So I’ll ask you myself... Who are you going to fire first this offseason?

We have 3 Defensive Coordinators. Can we pair that down to 1 and use the other bodies for experienced coaches? You run the D... it’s what you're good at. You know that means you gotta sacrifice your boys Baker and Banda, right?

How about our OC/QB coach position? Let’s just agree that the Enos as play caller experiment didn't pan out the way we all hoped. He has done a good job with cleaning up our QB room, and he was well compensated for doing so. Now let’s go get a play caller that can properly utilize the skillset of the offensive players we have.

Finally, Manny... Can we get a REAL special teams coach? Like one of the Kornblue guys who actually appreciate the art of special teams play, and not some guy doing it as collateral duty? You know that's what we had with Hartley, and now with Patke, right? This isn't even questionable to be honest... we all see it.

You have to win two of the three phases of football to win games consistently. That’s something you haven't done yet, so why not give it a shot? What’s the worst that can happen? We go 6-5?

That’s our reality... we’re a G5 team in a P5 conference, so what are you going to do about it?

You got my number, Manny... I would love to talk to you about it.

This is a business. BIG business... so YOU gotta go big, or YOU gonna go home.

Let me know how you feel about it in the comments below. #GoCanes