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Miami Is Broken, But Can It Be Repaired?

Changes must be made following the most embarrassing loss in school history.

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

It’s funny how life comes at you fast. Just one week ago praise was being sent out for Manny Diaz and his staff as it seemed like they had made the necessary adjustments to right the ship and finish the season on a high note.

One week later, Miami is at Rock Bottom! It can’t get any worse than this! Miami should be flat out embarrassed to lose to FIU.

FIU Really?

Losing to FIU is unacceptable, and losing to FIU has to have consequences. Somebody or multiple people have to lose their jobs for this. Manny Diaz will not be fired this year, although if it was my program he would definitely be on the chopping block, but with finances and the way college football works, he will get at least one more year. Everyone else on the staff and on the roster must be examined. If you are not helping us get better, then you are a liability and must be shown the door.

Coaches Should be Under Fire

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Let’s start with the coaching staff, which has come under intense fire in multiple lackluster games this fall. Dan Enos was supposed to bring a cutting edge offense that would put defenses on their heels, but through 11 games his play calling has been less than impressive. Coach Enos called QB power on 4th and goal, when there were many other options that would’ve worked better, including Mike Harley who was left uncovered. Miami should’ve been able to line up and run at FIU all night, but for some reason they continued to run RPO right into the teeth of FIU’s defense.

Offense is Offensive

Why is Miami dead last in 3rd down conversions? Why for almost 2 decades has Miami struggled to be a consistent offense? Why do the Canes remain insistent on playing at a snail’s pace? Dan Enos would be given the option either stay on staff as a QB coach, or kick rocks. The offense is no better than Mark Richt, Jon Richt and Thomas Brown put together in 2018, and Manny fired them as soon as he got the job. It’s time to do the same to your hand picked savior. Miami needs to finally get with the program and find someone who uses their talent the right way, and that is in space. Play with tempo, and get our athletes the ball.

Baker or Baked?

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

On the defensive side, Blake Baker is not the guy. Manny Diaz already basically said so with his actions to take over some of the defensive responsibilities half way through the season. Too many times this year Miami has given up 3rd and 19 or 4th and 17. Blake Baker still can’t figure out when to blitz, and when to sit back on his heels and play coverage. Miami has also surrendered a ton of big plays this year, which hadn’t happened in the past few years under Diaz. Where was the vaunted pass rush against FIU, and why were there times Miami rushed only 2? Could we not cover their receivers? Manny needs to tell his buddy that his services are no longer needed either.

Players Need Some Accountability

The players aren’t off the hook either. I’m sure Jalar Holley has been instructed to dance and hype up his teammates on the sideline before kickoffs, so I’m not upset with him, but the optics of Miami dancing around while down 13-0 to FIU look clownish. The players need to take some pride in winning football games, but it seems like they don’t really give a damn whether they win or lose. How else do you explain being flat every time Miami is coming off a bye week. The coaches can prepare you all they want, but ultimately the athletes have to put some effort on the field. FIU flat out played harder, executed better, and wanted this game more than Miami did. The Canes used to be known for having guys who were flat out dogs on the field. Miami used to have guys who would give an arm, a leg or their soul to win a football game. Now Miami has guys who accept losing, who don’t seem to give a damn about anything other than getting their likes up on social media and posting about how mad they are that they are not playing. Earn your playing time by busting your ass at Greentree, busting your ass on Saturday afternoons, and then your clout will come without you asking for it. Miami needs to find what Georgia, Alabama, Clemson and Ohio St have, which is a culture of winning and earning everything they get. Miami used to have that culture, but right now it is 100% broken. If kids want to transfer, so be it, because it’s not like Miami is winning with you anyways.

Put Away The Bling

If I’m Manny Diaz all of the player props would be put away! No more Turnover Chains, no more Touchdown Rings, no more post game plaques for participation in the worst loss in Miami’s history. Players would have to shut down all social media during the season. If you post about how upset you are, get off my team. If you skip a practice or a game, get off my team. It is time to make examples out of players, coaches and anyone else who is hindering Miami becoming a relevant football program again.

Miami is broken, and if not repaired soon, it may never be fixed again. Manny Diaz, it is truly on you right now! We know Blake James won’t do anything, so you have to be the one who assumes the responsibility to fix this. Make changes or become the next in line of coaching failures at Miami. No more yachts, no more crashing recruiting parties, no more fake bravado and off-season hype. This year is a dud, and the time to fix it starts now. Fire someone, make an example that this is not acceptable, because if you don’t, then you are part of the problem too.