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FanPulse Top 25 — Week 13

So uh.........about that confidence poll number......

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida International
Stub your toe against FIU, Manny?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Alright. So, we’re back with another week’s FanPulse top 25. Last week, technical difficulties (and it was a bye week, so no movement for Miami) kept us from posting this. But whew buddy, we’re back, and uh.....there was movement for sure.

Before we get into the Miami stuff, let’s look at the national picture. Unsurprisingly, LSU is still on top.

And, yanno, y’all voted too so here’s the SOTU top 25

State of the U Illustration by Mike Meredith

Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah. Y’all can read so you see the rankings, both national and local.

Oh yeah. The National question this week was what Thanksgiving side should be removed forever. And most of y’all need your taste buds recalibrated. AND YES, MAC AND CHEESE IS A THANKSGIVING DISH YOU HEATHENS!!!!!!!!!!



There’s no more avoiding it; it’s time to look at the confidence poll for this week.

After SEEMING to right the ship and be on an upward trajectory after 3 straight wins against Pitt, FSU, and Louisville, Miami came out and lost their 5th game on the year, and 3rd game directly following a bye week, to the FIU Panthers. It was the worst loss in program history. FIU had never beaten a P5 team. Miami had never lost to FIU. And, moreover, Miami looked and played so, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly that the Canes never really gave themselves a chance to be competitive. Against FIU.

My goodness.

Following that loss — which is a fireable offense, full stop — the confidence poll this week plummeted just like the perception of the Canes’ program. After being at a soaring 97.7% after the Louisville game, and 91.9% during the bye week (huh?), fan confidence dropped like a rock down to 15.2% after MIAMI LOST TO FIU.

Like......what? I mean, I know it’s been days since the game, but WHAT IN THE HELL!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!?

Here are the teams with lower fan confidence scores this week: Maryland. Mizzou. Northwestern. Vanderbilt.


Whatever. I’m gone.

Go Canes