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Too Little Too Late?

Last Saturday’s demoralizing loss to FIU makes the rest of the 2019 season seem irrelevant.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida International Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the ‘new’ Miami this year, it’s that anyone can beat them following a bye week. However, Miami has proven to bounce-back in the following contest. At this point though, after suffering the worst loss in program history, does it really matter?

Yes and no.

While simply winning isn’t the only factor that goes into recruiting — beating Duke and winning a bowl game should help reassure the recruits Miami has left that Diaz can still build something great in Coral Gables. Going out on a hot streak would give Miami the momentum it desperately needs — especially due to how ‘low’ the program currently sits.

On the other hand, is finishing the year with 8-wins really what Miami needs? Diaz’s staff hasn’t worked out as well as anyone had hoped — and finding late-season success may halt Blake James and company from making necessary changes. Sadly, it makes for a lose-lose situation — hence why losing to FIU is being deemed as the ‘worst loss in program history.’

The Georgia Tech loss was ‘fireable,’ but it’s one that could be considered as a ‘growing pain.’ Last Saturday’s loss was different — it’s inexcusable in every aspect and flat-out embarrassing.

Even predicting 7 or 8 wins at this point may seem too ‘overly-positive’ for some. Regardless, losing to FIU puts this program in a pit of despair — climbing out of it should still be the goal. To put it simply, it’s a new low for the program — making a full-recovery won’t be easy. In order to ‘recover’ though, things have to change. Even if Miami beats Duke and wins a bowl game, we should still prepare for a very ‘interesting’ and long offseason.