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What I’m Thankful For: Miami Hurricanes Edition

What I’m thankful for in the world of Hurricanes football

What are you most thankful for in Coral Gables?
Todd Forrest/SOTU

As Thanksgiving approaches on another topsy-turvy Miami Hurricanes Football season, there is no better time to reflect on what I’m grateful for as a lifelong fan of The U.

Before we begin, I ask everyone to remember Sean Taylor’s family this week. On Nov. 27, 2007, his life was cut tragically short, and as a result, the holiday season will never be the same again for his family. As we gather with friends and family on Thursday, let’s keep his loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

I’m thankful for...

  • First, I want to thank my fellow Miami Hurricanes family. One thing I have learned as I’ve gotten to know many more Miami fans in recent years: We are all family and we bleed orange and green. We might disagree on some things, but every Saturday we’re united as one, standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters to defend our team, our school and our fellow #CanesFam.
  • I am thankful for each of the players, past and present. They put their bodies on the line for us, the fans, and we can’t thank them enough. Sometimes we forget they are college students first, but I’m grateful for every player that has ever sported “The U” on their helmet. I want to add a special thank you to DeeJay Dallas for everything he has given this program since his commitment in the Class of 2017. Best of luck, young man. And whether it’s on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll always have a fan right here.
  • To the coaches: At the end of the day, agree or disagree, every coach at the University of Miami made a positive contribution during their stay. As I reflect on the coaching carousel since Larry Coker, I want to thank each coach for something he did that left the program in better condition than he found it.
  • Randy Shannon - Thank you for putting the focus back on the football team and not the brawl, the off-field incidents, “7th Floor Crew,” etc. You are role model on and off the field and I am forever thankful for your time at The U. I can only imagine how much worse the Nevin Shapiro scandal could of been without you at the helm.
  • Al Golden - Thank you for guiding the program through the NCAA Investigation and not jumping ship when the news broke. You stood in the paint and answered every question from every reporter and served as a calming influence during the entire Shapiro debacle.
  • Mark Richt - Thank you for making Miami relevant again - if only for a short time. You gave the younger fans a taste of the glory days and you ended the FSU streak while starting another streak of our own. You’re a man of class and character and the program is stronger as a result of your tenure.
  • Manny Diaz - Thank you for coming back to Miami to accept the challenge of turning things around. You could have stayed at Temple, but instead you walked headstrong into the lion’s den that is South Florida sports. Thank you for your passion for the program. Despite the ups and downs in 2019, no one can doubt your devotion to returning this program to greatness.

Have a happy holiday everyone

I don’t want to keep you away from your family any longer, but before I close, I want to thank Cam and the State of the U staff. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to this site and work side by side with so many amazing journalists.

There is an old saying in the newspaper business that goes, “being an editor is not a spectator sport.” So in closing I want to thank Cam and Marsh for allowing us to be ourselves here at SOTU. We have so many unique personalities with an assortment of talents and you always bring out the best in each one of us without micromanaging.

Thank you to everyone that reads this site and comments here or on social media. Regardless if it’s positive or negative input, we are grateful to everyone that takes time out of their busy schedules to visit this site.

Just an FYI: I’ll be photographing/covering the Duke game Saturday and will post a photo album during the week after. I will try my best to send out a few in-game tweets from Durham. If you’re interested you can follow me at @hotrodtodd25.

Until then, I wish you and your families a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!