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Why I’m Thankful for the 2019 Miami Hurricanes Season

It taught me pain, patience, and love, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida International Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You know the Ariana Grande song “Thank U, Next”? The one where Ariana Grande says the lyrics “One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain”.

Yeah, that one.

When I think of the Miami Hurricanes 2019 football season, I can not think of anything better to explain it. Nothing.

The season has been filled with big wins and embarrassing losses, big plays made and big plays allowed, and broken records. It’s been a journey, a rollercoaster of emotions every single week. And I would not have it any other way.

Call me weird, you won’t be the first and you certainly will not be the last, but I needed a season like this, I really did.

Even though I’ve gone to bed disappointed more often than not, it’s a season that presented the harsh reality of where the Miami Hurricanes sit as a program, it revealed the ugly truth and it showed us what needed to be changed.

It is a direct representative of the season we witnessed because it taught me to love (FSU win), it taught me pain (the FIU disaster) and it taught me patience (Jarren Williams’ rollercoaster of a season).

The Pain

The Hurricanes season has had its fair share of pain, almost too much of it for a normal human.

The Hurricanes’ opening game against Florida, where the Hurricanes were defeated 24-20, was just the beginning of that pain.

Despite leading by six points going into halftime, critical turnovers and mistakes put the Hurricanes down in the second half, before eventually losing on a game-winning touchdown run by Feleipe Franks in the middle of the fourth quarter.

One of those mistakes, a missed field goal by Bubba Baxa, proved to be a common bringer of pain throughout the season. Hurricanes kickers have combined to make 11 of their 19 field goals, a measly 57% conversion rate on those field goals.

The Hurricanes also have a missed extra point against Virginia Tech late in the fourth quarter, which dashed the hopes of a 28-point comeback to win a critical divisional game early in the season.

I would also be remiss to not mention the FIU game, which has been nothing but pain for Hurricanes fans.

The Patience/Hope

Even though the Hurricanes have just six wins on the season, the season has had its fair share of moments that showed the best of what the Hurricanes can be.

Although quarterback Jarren Williams struggled against FIU and Virginia Tech, the redshirt freshman quarterback has been mostly good for the Hurricanes. Williams has completed 64% of his passes for just under 2,000 yards (1,951), 18 touchdowns and just six interceptions.

His overall growth has been a rollercoaster, the peaks have been met with valleys, but it’s been a promising journey for the quarterback Manny Diaz and the coaching staff entrusted with the keys for the most part.

Another development that could bring Hurricanes fans hope is the fact that running back Lorenzo Lingard could get some playing time in the next two weeks with DeeJay Dallas out for the season.

Even though it hurts to see Dallas, a player who has truly given his all to the program, go down with an injury, being able to see the potential future of the running back room will be good to see.

The Love

The Hurricanes defeated Florida State, that’s always a positive. It feels even better when you realize the Hurricanes did it at Doak Campbell, in dominating fashion and that it led to the firing of former FSU head coach Willie Taggart.

Quarterback Jarren Williams also broke the school record for passing touchdowns in a game with six against Louisville. Say what you want about that but that’s good news, that was a great moment to watch.

The Hurricanes were also able to get a marquee win this season by defeating Virginia, who was ranked 20th in the nation at the time of the game, at home, in primetime. That was good to see, too bad there was not more of that throughout the season.

Do I wish the Hurricanes’ season ended differently? Of course, I do. I would not be a fan of the Hurricanes if I did not. That does not, however, mean that the season will not be necessary.

To avoid the cliché statements, to have the joy of winning, you have to go through the pain of losing (though the Hurricanes have done it for two seasons now). To reach the top of the mountain, you have to go through the humbling.

I hope this season humbles the Hurricanes and shows the ugly truth as it did for me. I bit into the hype of the off-season, I bit into the transfer portal enjoyment. This season, though, taught me not to do that anymore, to let the results play out on the field instead of in the off-season.

For that reason, I’m thankful.