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Manny Diaz Must Make Changes With Miami’s Offense

Manny Diaz needs to do the right thing with Miami’s offense

Miami v Florida International Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

As a result of the Hurricanes shocking 30-24 loss to FIU this past weekend, the entire state of the Miami program has been under investigation, and different opinions have been coming from every angle. It’s pretty clear that head coach Manny Diaz must make a change on some level if this team is to move forward.

However, there is one universal thought from the majority of Canes fans, and those who aren’t even fans, that Diaz needs to at least make changes when it comes to the Miami offense.

When Diaz was hired, he promised an offensive system that would be “cutting edge,” a term that excited every Hurricanes fan on the planet. Though many thought Manny would hire an offensive coordinator who would bring the popular spread offense to Miami, Diaz went and brought in Dan Enos as OC. However, the hiring of Enos wasn’t met with harsh feelings.

That being said, even Enos couldn't bring in the explosive offense that Miami fans, and Diaz himself was expecting. Through 11 games, the Hurricanes offense has been underwhelming, averaging 28.8 points per game, which is exactly what they averaged in 2018.

Though it’s not all his fault, quarterback inconsistency as well as a young offensive line are things he can’t control, but it’s pretty clear that Enos’ “spread-coast” style isn’t what's bringing UM back to greatness.

So as Diaz looks ahead to 2020 and beyond, changes need to be made on the offensive side of the ball, if he wants to stick around for those beyond years.

When it comes to Enos, I'm not even saying fire him. While he’s struggled as OC, he’s been pretty darn good as QB coach. Even though Jarren Williams has struggled at times, you can’t deny the improvement and growing up he’s been through since Enos came on board. Even with N’Kosi Perry, you could see obvious upgrades to his game this year compared to 2018.

So, where does that leave us? In a perfect scenario, you keep Enos onboard as QB coach and co-offensive coordinator. Then, you bring in someone WHO RUNS THE SPREAD to be the other co-OC and also be the play-caller. It’s an idea that many Canes fans are in agreement with, myself included.

So what if Enos declines this proposition? MOVE ON. Williams won't be here forever. Brevin Jordan won’t be here forever. Mark Pope and Dee Wiggins won’t be here forever. Diaz can’t afford to waste another year with players like this who would certainly benefit from a spread, turning Miami into a top-tier offensive team.

I’ve been raving about the spread offense for some time now, and if you haven’t read my two-part series on why Miami needs to bring in the spread, here you go.

And now you even have reporters in the actual Miami media posting articles on how the Hurricanes need to turn to a spread offense. Miami is one of very few P5 schools that don’t run the spread offense, and you can tell by the results. Coach Diaz has social media, and more importantly he sees the flaws in this current offensive system with his own eyes, he MUST realize that something has to be done.

The other coaches on offense are fine. Taylor Stubblefield is great for the wide receivers and is doing work for recruiting. Butch Barry has done a fantastic job with the offensive line developing them. Eric Hickson has been terrific for the running backs.

So you have assistants on offense, you just need the right person to call the plays. That’s what Manny has to do. There’s no way around it. Diaz can talk all he wants about “trusting the process” or how “it takes time” but enough is enough. If Manny wants to be the coach to turn the Hurricanes around, then make the necessary changes.