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There’s A Reason Why Miami Fans Remain Loyal And Hopeful

Why do we Canes fans continue to put up with this team? I’ll tell you why

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Louisville at Miami Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last Saturday’s loss to FIU was humbling if you’re a Miami Hurricanes fan. Humbling, disgusting, disappointing, embarrassing, pitiful, perhaps the worst loss in the history of this program. I myself was beyond the point of patience after watching the game, I honestly thought that this could be the loss to break the fan in me.

Throughout the week however, I reflected a lot on my support for my beloved Canes who I've fanatically cheered for since I was eight years old. I also made notes on social media, and how fans would say things like “I’m done” or “I’m not watching this team again” and trust me there were a lot. FIU was like a knife in the side, as part of a long painful season, so you can’t blame the outpouring of frustration.

And as I scrolled through Twitter and saw social media posts, it was like déjà vu, because Hurricanes fans talk like this after every loss. So I've seen many of these comments five times in 2019.

Then I thought how all these fans aren’t going anywhere, including myself. We may say we’re done, and we’ll cry and moan, but come this Saturday, we’ll be watching our Canes take on Duke.

And then I thought even more, why do we keep coming back each week as fans? Why is it, that everyday of the year we talk about the Canes, on social media constantly. Every fall of every year, we find ourselves coming back to Hard Rock Stadium for more game days. Why do we do it? Why do we as fans, as my title says, remain hopeful?

For one thing, it’s because of the great and memorable times the Hurricanes have given us throughout our lives. I don't care if you’re 10 years old or 90 years old, you’re a Miami fan because they’ve brought you joy in your life. Doesn't matter if your fondest memory was the 1984 Orange Bowl when the Canes upset Nebraska, or if it was Trajan Bandy running back the interception against Notre Dame just two years ago. Or heck, it doesn’t matter if your best Canes memory was when Stephen Morris beat NC State in 2012.

We remain hopeful because we pray the Hurricanes get back to those levels, when they’re contending for national championships and are one of the top programs in the country.

We remain hopeful because, for better or worse, the Canes are a part of our lives. You remember growing up going to UM games in the OB, or even Hard Rock Stadium. You can recall the smell of the tailgate, the chants inside the stadium, the drunk guy next to you saying he should be the next offensive coordinator, Brevin Jordan scoring the go-ahead touchdown against FSU. Those are the memories that make losing worth it, all for that one moment that stays with you forever.

Being from South Florida myself, the Canes are apart of my home, where I'm from. UM isn’t just a football team, they’re a part of my family, as corny as that may sound. So even after a loss, even after a loss to FIU, you can’t just forget about family.

That U on the side of the helmet, for Miami fans, it’s more than a logo, it represents generations of Canes fans, or generations to come of Canes fans. We remain loyal because of how that U makes us feel.

Miami may be 6-5, but when coach Diaz tweets out the bat signal, you’ll continue to be glued to your screens, because you can’t replace that passion. You keep refreshing your timeline every five seconds to see if Tate Martell is coming, or if Dazalin Worsham committed.

Back in June, I asked Canes fans on Twitter why they became a fan of UM, and when you read the responses, those people aren’t leaving this program ever. If you were treated to some of the greatest teams in college football history, while winning five national championships, you can handle a little rebuild.

Even after they lose to Georgia Tech at home, FIU at Marlins Park, Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl, no matter the loss, you’ll still be there next Saturday. You’ll rant on Twitter until Wednesday (my strategy), but after that you’re ready for the next game and you’re calm again.

Even when they miss field goals inside 25 yards, or when Jarren Williams throws 3 interceptions in one quarter, or when we can’t stop a 4th and 17, or the fact that Miami simply hasn’t been good in over 15 years, you’ll still be there next Saturday.

You keep coming back, hoping that this is the year that The U is back, hoping that Manny Diaz is the guy to lead Miami back to the promised land.

We keep coming back, simply because the good times will always outweigh the bad times. We’ll continue to come back, and remain loyal, hopeful, fanatical, loud, a little obnoxious, because we’re Canes fans, that’s how we roll.

It’s All About The U!