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The ‘Canes Save Their Best for the Biggest Game of the Year

Miami dominated Florida State in 2019’s installment of the rivalry.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to Saturday’s matchup, it seemed that the ‘Canes and ‘Noles were destined for yet another game that would be decided at the last minute. Instead, Miami dominated their rival and played their best game of the season.

Per usual, there was trash talk. Florida State wide receiver DJ Matthews said “nothing” was challenging when it came to Miami’s defensive backs. The Hurricanes’ defense not only held Florida State to 10 points — but shut Matthews down as well — finishing with 4 catches for just 24 yards. It was a bold performance by Miami’s best unit, which has given up just 22 points over the last 2 games after surrendering 28 to Georgia Tech at home.

What we witnessed on Saturday was a team that’s putting the ‘pieces’ together. Miami had multiple chances to beat Florida, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and North Carolina. Against Pitt, however, we saw them finally climb the ‘ladder’ and seal a victory with little time to spare.

Miami had already proven that they have the ability to beat the ‘tougher’ opponents on their schedule — now, they’re beginning to actually do it.

It seems to be the first time this season where there aren’t multiple glaring issues to criticize. Enos called his best game by far, the offensive line provided ample time for Jarren Williams to throw, and Miami’s defensive line ‘met’ at the quarterback time and time again — it truly revealed how much potential this team has, and how dangerous they can be.

So, what’s next for Miami? The ‘Canes take-on the 5-3 Louisville Cardinals at home, who are coming off a bye week. With how this season has gone, it’s set up to be another close in-conference game. However, Miami’s players and coaches may have learned something from the Florida State game though — they know what it takes in order to beat a solid opponent, and beat them well enough so a come back isn’t possible.