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FSU fires Willie Taggart

A day after his 2nd loss to Miami, FSU has relieved their coach of his duties.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

In a stunning move, Florida State fired head coach Willie Taggart this afternoon.

Our SBN colleagues at Tomahawk Nation have more:

This move came less than 24 hours after Miami destroyed FSU 27-10 (a score that could and should likely have been worse than that) and featured records for futility on FSU’s behalf. Miami had more sacks vs FSU than any team ever had (9). And, in the last 2 years, FSU has had their 2 lowest total yardage outputs in program history......both come against Miami. For a coach who was a purported “offensive guru” that doesn’t bode well.

In spite of an astronomical buyout number (reportedly $15M or more), FSU made the move, just 21 games into his tenure, to relieve Taggart of his position. It will be very interested to see who the Noles are able to get to be their next head coach. And no, it won’t be Urban Meyer, so miss me with that.

This turnabout is good to see for Miami. Instead of record-setting losses getting coaches fired, like Randy Shannon or Al Golden, the Canes were the ones nailing the coffin shut on an overmatched coach at an opposing program. I am a bit sad, however, because Miami had to suffer under Golden’s leadership for 5 years — years in which FSU went 5-0 against the Canes — so I was hoping they’d keep Taggart around a bit longer so we could get similar payback over the next few seasons.

So yeah. Miami beat the brakes off FSU so badly yesterday that they went and fired their coach.

Nicely done, gentlemen.

Go Canes