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Is it time for Miami to completely rebuild their football program?

I think it might be.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This is an extremely and undoubtedly emotional conversation. But after the 27-17 loss to Duke I believe that it is time to fully reinvent what this Miami program is, what it intends to be, how they play and what the expectations truly are.

Saturday afternoon was a humiliating performance all around. A serious evaluation of every single person that is involved in Miami Hurricanes football needs to happen and happen right now.

That starts at the very top of the athletic program with Blake James and includes every single person who has a say in the way this team is shaped.

There is just no reasonable explanation that the Miami Hurricanes should lose to the Duke Blue Devils in any sport that’s not men’s basketball. To lose for the second year in a row and to perform tragically simply cannot and should not be excused by any student, alum, staff member, media member, or anybody else that has any sort of affiliation with Miami Hurricanes football.

Or should it?

Miami Hurricanes football is dying. If it hasn’t already, it is creeping dangerously close to the point of no return. This program might be done. Anything and everything must change and I don’t know if there is anybody around at this moment that is capable of doing it. I don’t know if anybody cares to fix it.

And maybe that’s the way it needs to happen. Maybe it’s just time to burn the whole thing down and build it back up.

The conversation of the abundance of talent here needs to stop. There is not a single drop of pride in wearing the Miami uniform. There is an unearned arrogance and ego infecting this program and nobody in the locker room cares to do anything about it, clearly.

After a loss to FIU, we had the chance to speak to many, many players and not a single one was mad about it. Not a single player expressed their disgust with the fact that they lost to a far lesser football program down the road from them.

It was all “on to the next week” or “we can't look backwards.”

The attitude of being pissed off for greatness is such a farfetched idea around this program and I’m not sure if it’s anybody’s fault. I simply don't believe that the standard of what it means to be and play for the Miami Hurricanes is valued or cared about anymore. Upperclassman and leaders don't lose sleep about the fact that they drop these types of games and they haven't for generations.

Nobody is held accountable. Nobody shows emotion. It’s an embarrassment to the logo and to every former player that built up a small private school in Coral Gables into a national power. The reality is that we are just another average program in the landscape of college football.

The past is no more. The players don't care about it. Nobody around the program can get these players to play as if they do so I believe that it’s time to simply re-invent this roster and this program.

Not with guys with any characteristic other than the love of the game of football and that will to win. A handful of top recruits are going to want to be a part of this and IF this 2020 class sticks together, they would be a great help.

But after this season, I expect to see a lot of attrition from this team. If I am Manny Diaz and he is the guy after this is all said and done, I am making a plethora of decisions for the betterment of the program both big and small. If that means weeding out players that have contributed to this infectious mentality, so be it. If it means losing a star player or two or three, so be it. If that means losing friends because they aren't doing their jobs and they need to be let go, then SO BE IT.

The mentality of this program needs to be fully reinvented and it starts with the young men you're bringing in and recruiting. Egoless ball players that hate to lose more than they love to win. Players with an edge. Players that are insatiable on a football field and do not accept or tolerate anything other than the best effort from themselves and the person next to them.

It starts with both the offense and defense and their inefficiencies and it ends with a roster full of players that couldn't care less about winning or losing.

Things need to change and they need to change now.