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Why the ‘Canes Can’t Afford a Florida State ‘Hangover’

Late in the 2019 season, Miami has precious momentum they can’t squander away.

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Dominating Florida State was a huge milestone for Manny Diaz and the ‘new’ Miami — but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Regardless of the team’s records — Miami’s matchup against Louisville is a must-win for the ‘Canes. Surprisingly, Miami hasn’t been a great home team this season — instead of coming home to get ‘healthy,’ Miami had to go on the road in order to find success. This makes Saturday’s game ‘huge’ for the seniors and the fanbase, as it’s the last home game of the year.

However, this game undoubtedly has postseason ramifications, as Miami can still go 8-4 on the year if they’re able to maintain their progress. This mirrors Mark Richt’s first year as head coach at Miami — ‘capping’ the 8-4 regular season off with a Russell Athletic Bowl win against West Virginia in 2016.

If Miami was to run the table from here on out, they’d be right in the middle of Coastal ‘chaos’ — which may land them a spot in the ACC Championship game if the ‘right’ teams lose. Unlikely? Sure. However, the chance is still significant for a first-time head coach, as well as the players and fans.

The theoretic upside that winning-out would bring makes a Florida State ‘hangover’ that much scarier. The momentum and pride the ‘Canes currently possess would surely carry-over to early-2020 and the offseason — a far cry from the disappointments against Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.

In conclusion, Miami should play their hearts out for the seniors — regardless of potential postseason scenarios. Take care of business at home, send the seniors out on top, and break the 3-game losing streak against Louisville.