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The Importance of Nov 9 for The Miami Hurricanes

Why November 9th is so important for the future of our program

NCAA Football: Miami at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 season for the Miami Hurricanes is coming to an end. We do not have the record that we expected, but we did witness our beloved seniors one final year. This is going to be the final year for many productive players for this university. Our defense is going to have to replace Shaquille Quarterman, Michael Pinckney, Pat Bethel, Trevon Hill, Robert Knowles, and Romeo Finley. Those are all key starters on our defense, but Miami has a really strong chance of having quality replacements, especially if we are able to land players like Justin Flowe.

This could very well be the last season at Miami for Jonathan Garvin, DeeJay Dallas, and Jeff Thomas, which truly is going to hurt to replace these play makers. DeeJay is a Hurricane in every single way, and although every productive running back to start early at Miami leaves after their Junior year, it is going to be bittersweet to watch DeeJay play on Sundays. I personally hope Jeff Thomas stays for one more year, because he has so much talent, and his stats don't do the justice. For Jon Garvin, he is such a talented edge rusher, but he doesn't have the sacks for GM’s to see his talent, so I would love to see him return and help lead a very special group next year. Then there is Miami’s diamond in the rough.... K.J. Osborn. K.J. Osborn has been the greatest addition to this program this offseason, through his work ethic and leadership. I feel like I have been a fan of this man for years, and truly wish we had more time with him.

At the end of every season, there is never an easy Senior night, and thats how it should be. Our seniors tend to be our leaders and its always hard to imagine that we won't see them playing on Saturdays for us again.

However, we all know that when one door closes, a new door opens. This is the time when you really hope the coaches did their job recruiting to find future starters for this program. Miami has some quality young players who will be forced to step up when there time is up.

November 9th is the last time to witness these players in the Green uniforms as they step onto Hard Rock one last time, and the stadium should be absolutely packed for them. They deserve so much for what they have done for this program, especially Shaq, Mike, and Deejay. They recruited for us, played their hearts out for us, and most importantly.. they were Hurricanes who we loved to watch.

This game is huge for us to win and to build momentum for the rest of the year. We must finish this year strong and win out in our games and in recruiting.


and Thank You Seniors!