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My take on the University of Miami: Coach Diaz just needs time

We are at rock bottom, but we can't put the blame on Coach Manny Diaz yet.

NCAA Football: Miami at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Miami Football program is at a very low point right now... but it can be revived.

When we hired Manny Diaz, we knew there were players on this team that needed to be washed out.... and we should have been on board of this ever since Jadon Haselwood mentioned it. We have been a program that has been underperforming ever since we were ranked number 2 in the nation.

This is one of our worst seasons in program history, but it could be worse. With this season, and before any more decommits, we are a top 15 recruiting class. That is amazing and should show potential for this program. Coach Manny Diaz is not the problem. He simply made hires that a rookie Head Coach can sometimes make. He fell for the hype with Dan Enos, and rightfully so... as every single fan did. Why wouldn't you want the QB coach at Alabama when they had Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts. That was such a great hire at the time.

When it came to the hire of Blake Baker, I personally feel it was more of a productive year for him at LA Tech, which featured a NFL bound edge rusher, Jaylon Ferguson, who is currently on the Baltimore Ravens. They were a top 20 defense at rushing the quarterback, so the hype was real. Not to mention the strong relationship Coach Manny Diaz already had with him, this hire was just a rookie Head Coach mistake.

Fast forward to now:

Coach Manny Diaz is now in a position that no one predicted, but it isn't time to jump ship. I know I seem like a basic Miami Hurricane fan who doesn't want to face reality... but the truth is we need to give him time. He hasn't even had his own recruiting class come in... and THE PLAYERS HE DID RECRUIT ARE ON THE MORE PRODUCTIVE SIDE OF THE BALL. I don't understand how that is hard to understand, he needs time to figure out the offense play caller for the future and get his own players on both sides of the ball.

I believe in Coach Manny Diaz and always will, we can't fire him after one year when we have players that are not in positions to succeed on offense. Jeff Thomas and Brevin Jordan are not getting the touches needed, we run up the middle all the time with poor OL, we had to grow out of a jet sweep phase, and we had to deal with runs/screens on the short side of the field that gave our players no space to make plays... THAT IS ON ENOS.

Our defense is productive most parts and are forced to stay on the field for longer periods of time due to our lack of offensive production, which is exposing our secondary. We are a good kicker away from having 3 more wins with all of these flaws.

WE NEED MANNY DIAZ TO CALL PLAYS ON DEFENSE AND HAVE A SPREAD OFFENSE. That is what will save this program. I believe the firing of Dan Enos has been put on hold due to Manny Diaz not knowing who should take over that duty. I fully expect it to come soon as he needs to make changes to save his job.

Go Canes!