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Nothing Personal, Strictly Business.

Manny Diaz doesn’t need to look far for a solution to Miami’s troubles.

Virginia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

There are enough articles being written bashing the staff and administration for what hasn’t been done this season. I agree with many of them.

I want to offer a different perspective on where the Miami Hurricanes football program is, and what needs to be done to show the current student athletes, the recruits, and the fan base that there is a concerted effort being made in Coral Gables to turn this program around.

First things first

There is no magic bullet. Nothing can be done to immediately fix our issues, so we’re all going to have to exercise some patience. If you can’t accept that, I can’t help you.

Miami currently has a first year head coach, and not much experience coaching at a Power 5 program behind him with the staff he personally assembled. This is a big problem, but one that IS easily fixable I might add.

What needs to happen

Manny, you need help. Your coordinators need help. Seek the help.

A couple of years ago I remember reading a New York Times article about Alabama and its staffing practices. The premise of the article stuck with me because I saw a similar void at Miami that could be filled if the administration would just get out of its own way. We need to hire experienced coaches as analysts to assist this otherwise Green staff with everything from off season workouts to game day operations.

Some of the quotes from that article speak to the benefits of doing so:

“having non-coaching advisers in place, ready to step in at a moment’s notice.”


“one of the things that certainly jumped off the page was the amount of support staff those elite programs had both in recruiting and off-the-field analysts.”

These are attributed to University of Texas Head Coach Tom Herman. Tom has seen his fair share of turmoil as the coach at UT and today fired his friend Todd Orlando and a few other of his staff. This isn’t personal... it’s strictly business. Make business decisions.

Nick Saban can hire talented former coordinators and head coaches that have been fired elsewhere to embolden his program, so why can't Miami follow suit?

Saban was quoted as saying this about hiring guys:

“We can get them in our program, maybe they learn a better way to do things. But we also can take advantage of the good things they know and they’ve done.”

Whether its a young coach working his way up the ranks or a 40 year professional there is always room to learn. Manny or Blake need to bring in guys that are looking to rehab their careers and can help this staff to close its experience gap.

This is a win-win because it lets those coaches EARN their stripes while helping the program in the process.

The Proof Is There

If ‘Bama isn’t good enough of an example, look no further than the University of Michigan to see this concept in play in real time. Juwan Howard had no head coaching experience (just like Manny) but he chose to hire a veteran coach as his top assistant and is 7-0 with wins over some of the top basketball programs (and coaches) in the nation.

Here is a list of SOME of the programs that have fired coaches recently... surely there are some coaches that are worth hiring in an advisory role, if not as a coordinator.

Let’s see what happens over the next few days... let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.