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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting: Early Signing Period Predictions 2020

The predictions. They are here.

Can Miami shock the world and get Upland (CA) 5-star LB Justin Flowe to pick the Canes on Wednesday?
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The sprint to the Early Signing Period, aka National Signing Day 1.0, is almost over. The visits have finished. The calls have been made. And now, we wait and see how the Miami Hurricanes will close on the first signing period of the 2019 recruiting class.

That’s right guys, it’s prediction time. Let’s get into it.

NSD Predictions

Here they are:

5-star LB Justin Flowe, Upland (CA) - I’ll keep this short: Miami shot their shot with the Nation’s #1 LB...and missed. Clemson or Oregon getting a gamechanger.

Prediction: Oregon

Verdict: Correct. Flowe committed to Oregon (after faking like he was going to pick Miami but WHATEVER) at his annoucement ceremony on Wednesday.

5-star TE Darnell Washington, Las Vegas (NV) Desert Pines - Much like with Flowe, Miami did their best to get the Nation’s #1 TE to come to Miami and continue the legacy of #TEU. But he won’t.

Prediction: Georgia

Verdict: Incomplete. Washington said he wasn’t going to sign, but sent a tweet hinting that he did sign and will announce where he signed at a later date, likely his All-American game.

4-star DE Romello Height, Dublin (GA) - This one popped up late. Canes commit Height, a versatile and dynamic edge rusher, has been chased by Auburn recently. There are conflicting reports regarding whether or not Height and his father took an Official Visit to Auburn last weekend. Height says he didn’t, but there’s too much smoke here that he did for there not to be some fire.

Prediction: Flip to Auburn

Verdict: Correct. Height flipped to Auburn on Wednesday.

4-star LB Keyshawn Greene, Crawfordville (FL) Wakulla - Miami made a run at the former FSU commit Greene. He decommitted from FSU on his OV to Coral Gables, and it looked like he was coming. Then he visited Nebraska, and committed there on his OV last weekend. Now, Miami is still talking to him, but I honestly don’t think the Canes have the juice to get him to flip. WHICH. IS. SAYING. SOMETHING.

Prediction: Sticks with Nebraska

Verdict: Correct.

4-star DB Jaiden Francois, Homestead (FL) South Dade - This is a well-known name. Francois has committed to, and decommitted from, Miami twice already this cycle. Would Miami take a commitment from him a 3rd time? Probably, because the DB recruiting leaves much to be desired. Will Francois tuck tail and commit to Miami AGAIN, or will he look for a path, any path, to continue his career without doing that? I think the latter is more likely than the former.

Prediction: Nebraska

Verdict: Correct. Francois’s Wednesday was a hectic one, what with the news the coach that had been recruiting him to Nebraska was leaving for Ole Miss. Francois and his family were in and out of the gymnasium at South Dade on phone calls, arguing, crying, and much more. At one point, the South Dade administration even removed Francois’s nameplate from the table of signees in the midst of the madness. But, after all of that, he stuck with Nebraska and signed there on Wednesday. But it was a JOURNEY for him to get there that day, trust me on that one.

Just 5 predictions on the books for the Early Signing Period this year. For better or worse, the majority of Miami’s 2020 recruiting class is already locked down, and there are precious few targets the Canes are chasing.

Results: 4 correct, 1 incomplete.

So 100% on the ones that have announced and 1 pending still. I’m glad I was right but I wish more of these players — any of these players — had picked Miami. Oh well. It be like that.

Agree with my picks? Disagree vehemently with every word I wrote? Get into the comments and let me know.

Go Canes