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Coach Speak

A quick look at the importance of the words a coach uses.

Miami v Duke Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Not much is going on in the lull between the early signing day and our bowl game, but the news never stops. One such piece of news was Miami Hurricanes Offensive coordinator Dan (#Damn) Enos saying that offensive systems don't win championships. It’s an absurd, but true statement (technically).

That’s like saying guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The truth is people kill people WITH guns and teams win championships WITH systems. The system that has been VERY prolific in college has been the spread. When asked about changing his offense to a spread good ole Danny boy says “What's a spread?” Yeah, he’s a lost cause, and I ain’t wasting another syllable on him. Bye Damn, I mean Dan.

I was watching the Manny Diaz presser recapping the 2020 class early signing day, (why do I do this to myself?) and I was startled when I heard several of his comments. You can watch the presser here:

The first thing that got me was his mention of the culture of the QB room needing a gym rat. He was speaking on Tyler Van Dyke coming in (2:10) and bringing leadership and a work ethic. Maybe it’s just me, but that is a backhanded slap to the other quarterbacks in the room. I am all for highlighting a kids strengths, but to do so at the expense of the rest of the room doesn't sit well with me. These are your guys good, bad, or indifferent. Moving along...

He spoke about the great Miami teams of the past that had competition at the Running Back spot (3:05). That isn't germane to Miami, Manny. Anywhere you go that has talent and competition there is a push for greatness. It is what it is.

I almost shut off the video at 3:39 when I heard him say that we were able to sign 3 WR and

“a big blocking tight end that can also be a factor in the passing game... give us a little bit of something we don’t have at the Tight End spot...”

Manny, are you aware that BREVIN JORDAN IS STILL ON THE TEAM? The same Brevin Jordan that was a Mackey award finalist, yeah the one you had blocking most of the season or he would have led the nation in TE receptions and won the award. Gee-Zuss I cringed...

Manny kept on talking though... he said something I thought was important at 4:58 about Tirek Austin-Cave, who he said gives us something we don’t have on the roster right now and that was elite speed at the Linebacker position. (This is a link to Cam’s recruiting notebook for Tirek for those who aren’t familiar with who he is.)

That mattered to me because I recalled seeing the linebacker testing times for Sam Brooks and he was faster in the 40 yard dash and the 20 yard shuttle. Same was also stronger and had a significant difference in SPARQ ratings of close to 40 pts. I may be slicing hairs here, but words matter. In any event, welcome to The U, Tirek.

Tirek - 4.7 40yd and 4.6 short shuttle

Sam - 4.62 40yd and 4.2 short shuttle

The last thing I’m gonna mention is Manny’s comment about creating value which began around 7:36. He said:

“You have to create value, if you're selling something, you gotta create value in it.”

What is the value in being a 6-6 team headed to a sub par bowl game as an underdog to your former program? Serious question. I don't know that anyone will ask him that question. too much of a hardball based on what I have seen and heard asked.

Maybe if Manny stopped selling, and started teaching/coaching/leading Miami would begin winning.

Manny doesn't speak about winning enough. He focuses on competing. He focuses on effort. I want to see him put a concerted emphasis on WINNING.

Make Miami Win Again!

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.