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Reliving Miami’s 2019 Season Through Twitter

What a rollercoaster few months its been for the Canes


2019 has been of the most wild, rollercoaster, disappointing seasons that I can recall for the Hurricanes. A year that began with so much hope, Miami now sits at 6-6 with tons of questions to be asked. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of best tweets from this season.


In the weeks leading up to Miami’s opening game against the Gators on August 24th, I was filled with optimism about the Canes season. Manny Diaz had hyped up the entire fanbase, plus Miami had tons of talent, you really thought that 2019 was going to be a different year in Coral Gables. I myself, like many others, predicted the Canes to go 10-2 and win the ACC Coastal.

Post UF game (0-1):

Even after the Canes 24-20 loss to Florida in Orlando, I was still very much optimistic for Miami in 2019. They had just taken a top-10 team down to the wire, and there was a lot from that game where you were confident in a successful year, and you were feeling good about quarterback Jarren Williams.

Post UNC game (0-2):

Miami’s loss to North Carolina was heartbreaking and also made me realize that the Canes maybe aren’t as good as we thought they’d be. That being said, in the offseason, I predicted Miami to lose to UNC so I wasn’t as shocked as most people, and I still held out hope that the year would end on a great note.

Post Bethune Cookman game (1-2):

Beating Bethune-Cookman 63-0 was expected, and it was just good to get the first win of the season.

Post Central Michigan game (2-2):

Miami was supposed to beat Central Michigan by 30-40 points, and when I got back from vacation see the final score be 17-12, I was confused. The offensive line continued to struggle, and the offense as a whole was disappointing. Still, we were 2-2.

Post Virginia Tech game (2-3):

The Va Tech game was the one that broke me a little. Miami came in off a bye, at home, and was down 28-0 to the Hokies in the first half. Then, they had the audacity to comeback and tie the game at 35 in the fourth quarter, only to end up losing 42-35. It was a new low.

Post Virginia game (3-3):

Somehow, someway, behind quarterback N’Kosi Perry and Gregory Rousseau making a name of himself, the Canes pulled off the 17-9 upset over then-ranked Virginia. The win made it seem that this was the corner that Miami was trying to turn.

And then next week happened.

Post Georgia Tech game (3-4):

In a game where the Hurricanes should’ve won by at least 25 points, they found a way to lose in overtime, at home, to a 1-5 Georgia Tech team. I was visibly disappointed in Coach Diaz.

Post Pittsburgh game (4-4):

What a difference a week makes! Miami was underdogs going into Pitt, and thanks to a last second touchdown from Williams to K.J. Osborn, the Hurricanes got the 16-12 win.

Post FSU game (5-4):

Moving onto rivalry week in Tallahassee, the Canes took care of the Seminoles 27-10, with Williams playing well at QB, and Miami’s defensive line simply dominating. The vibes were good in UM and the Hurricanes were finally above .500 for the season.

Post Louisville game (6-4):

Without a doubt the crowning jewel of the 2019 season for the Hurricanes, drubbing Louisville 52-27 on senior day at Hard Rock Stadium. The offense looked its best it had all year, and this was finally what we were expecting when we heard about The New Miami.

Post FIU game (6-5):

Then, everything crumbled. Following the bye week, Miami played FIU at Marlins Park, and suffered perhaps one of the worst losses in program history. The backlash to the 30-24 defeat was one that saw the fanbase pull a 180 and start to question everything about UM.

Post Duke game (6-6):

Finally we have this past Saturday, where the Hurricanes fell to 6-6 to Duke, in a game where most were uninterested given what happened the week prior against FIU. After the Duke loss, I had had enough.