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Twitter Talk: Losses, Coaching, Bowls, and more reactions from Canes fans

Miami fans search for answers looking where to place the blame for our underwhelming 2019 season.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Miami at Duke Photo by John McCreary/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re a far cry away from 10-2 season predictions and diagramming ways the Canes could make it to the ACC Championship game. Fans watched as the narrative shifted from “We were one Jeff Thomas fumble away from beating the Florida Gators to negotiating our chances against the Tulane Green Wave in the Walk-Ons Independence Bowl. Even with a promising 2020 recruiting class and the emergence of young talent like Will Mallory and Gregory Rousseau, doing a postmortem on the carcass of Miami’s regular season has taken many turns. From processing the fluctuating play of the team to reconciling how the coaches fostered our inconsistencies, Canes fans have more questions than answers. There’s a true frustration in seeing an extremely talented team falter and fail to meet expectations. We head into the bowl game with concerns about Jarren Williams, the offensive line, the offensive scheme, the defense, and so much more.

Offensive Outlook

The blaring difficulties and ineffectiveness of Dan Enos’ offense has been a hot-button issue all season. The Canes are brimming with matchup nightmares and athleticism but we continued to be erratic on the field. DeeJay Dallas, K.J. Osborn, and others provided some bright spots and throughout this season. However, I truly believe that everything from the scheme to the play-caller needs to overhauled.

Defensive Outlook

Gregory Rousseau, Shaquille Quarterman, and Michael Pinckney had great years for the Canes. As you see above, the Canes’ stout run defense continued to the carryover throughout the season. The team played noticeably better in spots once Manny Diaz took over game-planning for the defensive side of the ball. According to a fan’s digging, Blake Baker does have some statistical support. Nevertheless, the 3rd down defense, red zone defense, and many other categories slumped under his watch.

Team Outlook

“Blake James Watch” has begun after the recent Al Golden allegations. Many fans believe removing the controversial and ineffective AD is necessary in order to get Miami back to its glory days. The hype of the recruiting cycle may be soured for some fans if they don’t believe in the competency of Miami’s coaching staff to cultivate and utilize incoming talent.

Bowl Outlook

A matchup between Miami and the UCF Golden Knights may be on the menu. The inner-Florida contest will be exciting for the fanbases even if Shreveport isn’t much of a draw. Confidence in the state of the Canes is polarizing. Whether they’re playing UCF or not, I would love to see the Canes put it all together and get a win for the outgoing players who gave their all.