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What’s the Role of Media and Fans in Miami’s Rebuild?

Do we have any impact on the direction of the program?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Louisville at Miami Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What is our role in rebuilding Miami?

How influential are the media and the fans in recruiting and keeping current players at the school?

Have we been too negative despite an awful start to the Manny Diaz era?

These are all questions that continue to float through my brain as Miami embarks on yet another off-season with a lot more questions than answers. 16 months ago, the Canes were coming off a 10-3 season which saw them reach #2 in the polls in late November. Even after the season finished with a thud, optimism was as high as I could remember in the last decade. Miami swag was back, season tickets were selling like hot cakes, and cocky Canes fans were out in full force. Miami would enter the year #8, but limp to a 7-6 finish. Mark Richt haters (and I was a big one) were out in full force, demanding that changes be made to an anemic offense, or to his entire coaching staff. Coach Richt would do the university a favor and step down without requiring his buyout to be paid. Manny Diaz would be named the coach, and an off-season full of bravado would ensue. The season didn’t live up to the hype, and here we are once again with a carbon copy of last season. Manny is being yelled at by every fan on social media, we have board of trustee members upset at the offense and even people bashing our current players or future recruits.

Media Impact

Is this bad for business? Would it be better for the media to paint a more positive picture of the program? Should we point out that all of Miami’s losses were by less than 12 points, and if our kickers would’ve made a few more kicks, we would’ve potentially won a few more games. Would that make fans feel better about the direction of the program? Would that make current players less defensive when they are on social media? Part of our job as media members is to paint the narrative of displeasure while being fair to the people who are running the program. Personally, I can’t paint this season as rainbows and unicorns, but I have seen people say we are being too negative.

Fans Need to Stop Personal Attacks

Should fans be less vocal on social media with their displeasure that the program is at its lowest point maybe since the late 70s? Fans should be free to say whatever they want, as long as is doesn’t cross the line. That should include personal attacks on current coaches where their family or well-being is called out. Fans need to stop sending messages to prospective recruits or kids that de-commit. I’ve seen negative messages and false rumors which have gotten some parents upset. As much as we all love the Canes, it’s a bad look to yell at someone’s 17 year old son who chooses to go another direction.

Enos Needs to Toughen Up

Dan Enos is not helping the situation either by blocking current members of the Miami media. He needs to be a little thicker skinned and realize there is a standard at Miami that’s a hell of a lot higher than Arkansas or Central Michigan. Enos needs to worry about fixing an anemic offense, or he can pack up and head to his next coaching gig.

We have zero impact on rebuilding Miami, as that is up to the athletic department, the coaching staff and the players. We can help the Canes without the constant negativity spouted towards our players and our coaches, but when the program plays the way it has for the better part of 15 years, it is hard to stay positive.

The program needs to grow some thicker skin overall. Our players shouldn’t be arguing with fans, and our coaches shouldn’t be responding to people via Twitter. There needs to be an overall toughness that develops over the next 8 months. Should we soften up? My answer is hell no, but let’s be respectful with our critique.

What’s our role? It is exactly what it has always been, by Miami’s side through thick and thin.