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Photo Album: Miami at Duke

Photos from Duke’s 27-17 victory over Miami

Robert Burns scores his first college TD on a screen pass from Jarren Williams in the second quarter at Duke.
Todd Forrest/SOTU

Here’s my photo album from the Miami at Duke game. I apologize for not posting earlier but I’m pretty sure that standing in a 45-degree downpour for three or four hours is the reason I’ve been dealing with the flu and a head cold all week.

Funny story from the game: I was following another photographer down from the press box so he could show me where to find the field elevator. This dude is scooting and absolutely runs off and leaves me. Luckily I see him waiting on the elevator door so I was able to make up the lost ground. He sees me rushing to catch up and says, “I thought all you Miami guys were fast.”

I answer, “not in temperatures under 60 degrees.”

Unfortunately, that old stereotype about Miami was proven correct once again as the Canes looked incredibly sluggish. Maybe they were just uninspired, but either way, something needs to change in a major way.

Anyway, here’s a few shots from last Saturday. For the entire album, visit:

Feel free to download, share, etc.