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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting: Official Visit preview, 2/1

The last visitors of the cycle before NSD are coming to Coral Gables, and campuses all over the country

Can Miami make a move to flip 4-star DE Khris Bogle from Alabama?

Hello again, recruiting fan friends! It’s Friday, which means we have another Miami Hurricanes Official Visit Weekend on deck!

This is the final Official Visit weekend of the contact period, and there are mere days left until National Signing Day on February 6th.

With no further ado, let’s look at the visits on deck this weekend:

Miami Hurricanes Official Visits

4-star DE Khris Bogle. Despite his commitment to Alabama, multiple teams are chasing Bogle, who elected not to sign during the early period in December. Miami sent nearly the entire staff to recruit Bogle recently, and that helped to get him back on campus before NSD on February 6.

This is Bogle’s 2nd OV to Miami — allowed under a new NCAA rule that allows a recruit to repeat an OV to a school if a coaching change has occurred since his first visit. Miami will roll out the red carpet in hopes of flipping the talented local standout from the Crimson Tide.

Besides Bogle, there are very few prospects out there who Miami is chasing from the HS ranks who haven’t visited. And, guys like QB Lance LeGendre, LB Eugene Asante and LB Octavius Brothers all saw the communication wane where Miami is concerned, and elected not to take a trip to Miami in favor of a school that has a scholarship for them.

So, this OV weekend is the Khris Bogle show, unless an secret visitor pops up. Do work, Manny!

Targets taking Official Visits Elsewhere

4-star CB Christian Williams - LSU. Like Bogle, Williams is committed to Alabama but taking visits elsewhere. After a stellar trip to Coral Gables 2 weeks ago, the Daphne (AL) native Williams was in College Station to visit aTm last weekend, and heading to LSU this week. Every visit is worth watching here as Miami continues to push for a flip — the coaching staff has made multiple in-home visits to try and push for this, including the one HS visit allowed by Manny Diaz. Or try, at least.

The other thing to be on the lookout for are unofficial visits; players may pay their own way to various schools to get a last bit of face time with coaches and programs. So, stay tuned for that, as well.

That’s about it. Previously discussed players have fallen off the board, and other prospects don’t have visits scheduled right now. But, recruiting is weird so things could change.

Hop in the comments and let’s talk crootin’

Go Canes