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Best And Worst Uniforms In Canes History

Taking a look back at some of the best and ugliest jerseys that the Canes have worn.

Ken Dorsey attempts to pass the ball

EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece was updated and re-posted for SB Nation Sports Jersey Week.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about uniforms for the Hurricanes, ones they’ve had and should bring back. Combos that recruits have been posting with on their visits, or just ones that have been made up for the enjoyment of Twitter.

Either way, it’s a hot topic in recent times, and for the past several years, the Canes have seen several uniform alterations and options. Thankfully, UM made the switch from Nike to Adidas a few years back and hooked Miami up with an old school look, which we LOVE.

Throughout their history, Miami has had some incredible jerseys that were just so beautiful to the eyes. On the other and more shameful hand, they’ve ran out of the smoke sporting some horrific jerseys as well.

Before I begin, keep in mind, I’m a very traditional jersey guy. The classic Penn State look is just beautiful, and just like Cowboys white jerseys at home. Plain and simple. So let’s take a look back at some of the best, and unfortunately some of the worst that Miami has had.

WORST: 2018 Alternate Vs LSU

It’s not that these didn’t look cool at first, but you then have to factor in how Miami played in these particular jerseys.

Announced just weeks prior to their highly anticipated season opener against LSU in Cowboys Stadium, the buzz for the game only grew when fans saw these jerseys Miami would be wearing.

Like I said, the jerseys weren’t necessarily ugly first, but when you’re down at one point 33-3 to the Tigers, nothing looks good. Also, and this might just be me, but once UM ran onto the field in the jerseys, they just looked so much like plastic.

BEST: Blackout (2017-present)

Oh man, not sure if there are too many prettier sights than seeing the Canes playing in Hard Rock Stadium wearing these blacked out jerseys. Yes they’re 2-2 playing in them, but the times Miami has had with them on have been nothing short of magical.

While laying an absolute whooping on UNC this past year wearing the blackouts was awesome, it doesn’t even come close to their original appearance against Virginia Tech in 2017.

WORST: 2005 Vs Georgia Tech

It’s quite possible that Kyle Wright never looked worse than this game. The stupid all green pants and jersey, then you add in an orange shoulder? AND THEN, you’re upset at home to Georgia Tech when you’re ranked third in the nation. I sincerely hope that these jerseys have been destroyed.

BEST: 2005 Vs UNC

This may be the most controversial jersey that shows up on this list. I’ve seen a lot of hate towards these, but I honestly love them. Presenting a great throwback look, the late Tyrone Moss never looked so good in a Canes jersey.

WORST: Late 1990’s Home, Green And Orange

Once Butch Davis took over as head coach in the mid-90’s up until they changed the jerseys in 2000, Miami was looking horrible. These, especially the green ones, may go down as probably the cheapest looking jerseys in Canes history.

BEST: All-White Stormtrooper Vs Virginia Tech 2018

Did this just look clean or what? One of the most beautiful jerseys ever rolled out for UM, and let’s hope that we’ll be seeing a lot more of it.

WORST EVER: Anything From 2010 to 2015

I don’t like to be angry this early in the morning, but just thinking of these disgusting Halloween costumes that Miami had for several years makes me sick. And the thing was, there were multiple, the ugliness just kept coming. It all started against Virginia Tech in 2010.

A team that had boasted so much about their past swagger, now looked like Willy Wonka had been designing their jerseys for a time over at Nike.

The white helmet and smoked jersey looked like someone had brought two separate jerseys for Miami that day.

Like seriously? All orange?

Don’t even get me started with 2014 against FSU. My least favorite ever.

Such a shame that a great running back like Duke Johnson was forced to fear these putrid jerseys while he was a Hurricane.

BEST EVER: Early 2000’s Home Orange

I’m sorry but if you disagree with this, then you’re just plain wrong. These are the greatest jerseys in the history of the University of Miami, and it’s not close. I grew up with these jerseys in the early 2000’s and they were synonymous with winning. Talking about and remembering this work of art, I can suddenly start seeing flashes of Dorsey, Blades, Sean, Vilma and so many more iconic players and moments. Berlin’s comeback against Florida, screen pass to McGahee versus FSU and Wide Left.

HONORABLE MENTION: Canes Baseball 2019

Simply gorgeous.