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Why Khris Bogle Would Be a Monumental Addition for Miami

The 4-star defensive end is rumored to be decommitted from Alabama — opening the door for the ‘Canes.

Pittsburgh v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Recruiting Khris Bogle has been a bumpy road for Miami’s staff and fans. Committing to Alabama in early January, it seemed like pursuing Bogle was a fruitless endeavor. However, after Miami nearly sent its entire staff to visit him, he scheduled another major visit to Coral Gables.

Rumored to be decommitting from Alabama due to staff changes, there’s no denying that Miami’s offseason changes have swayed the prospect’s opinion. As mentioned in previous State of the U articles, Manny Diaz has re-established Miami as an attractive destination. In doing so, Diaz may score one of the nation’s best recruits.

With Gerald Willis III graduating, and Joe Jackson leaving early for the draft, the ‘Cane defense has massive shoes to fill. Both players were amongst Miami’s best — placing more importance on the addition of Bogle. Both departures give Bogle the chance to make an immediate impact — similar to what Jackson did in his Freshman year.

Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Bogle would be a significant building block for the ‘Canes as Manny Diaz and his staff attempt to seal-off the ‘State of the U.’ This makes Bogle’s commitment more crucial than just filling a roster need. Recruiting locally must be a priority for Miami — landing him could commence a monumental shift.