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Marsh’s Mailbag: Dan Enos offense, RB starter, other portal recruits.

What kind of an offense should Miami fans expect to see out of Dan Enos? That and more Canes questions.

Pittsburgh v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Are we still actively seeking OL help through the portal?

We should be. Nothing too official as of this moment, but with only two scholarships available (I believe) at this time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami tries to land one or even two offensive lineman, because they desperately need one.

Are the Canes gonna be able to run the ball and stop the run?

I’d say yes to both questions. Miami’s depth at the running back position is great, and if their offensive line can clear the holes, then the Canes shouldn’t have a problem with rushing the ball for over 225 yards a game.

Then on the defense, I have a little doubt Miami will have a top-notch rushing defense, much like they did last season. With veterans at the defensive end and also linebacker positions, the only questions mark will be the DT’s, because when Gerald Willis wasn’t playing against Wisconsin in the bowl game, the Badgers were able to run all night long.

Will the Canes be able to win the kicking game?

The kicking game was a huge problem last year for Miami, both in field goals and punting. Bubba Baxa was 9-12 last season, around 75%, but had a big missed kick against LSU that I think turned the tide a little bit. He also missed a kick that would’ve put FSU away for good in the 4th quarter, missed it. And we all know Zach Feagles had his share of problems as well with punting.

Going into his second season, I think Baxa will be improved, or at least he better be. I’m honestly more confident in the punting game with the addition of Louis Hedley. Miami wasn’t able to win the field position game in 2018 due to punting, and Hedley is going to make a huge difference.

Break down of Perry and Williams vs the from Peyton Matocha.

Peyton Matocha isn’t getting as much praise as he should because he really is one heck of a quarterback, throwing for 35 touchdowns and rushing over 750 yards his senior year.

In terms of N’Kosi Perry and Jarren Williams compared to Matocha, they’re all similar and they all fit Dan Enos’ offense due to their dual-threat ability. Matocha only completed 57% of his passes his senior year, so he and Perry need to work on their accuracy. One difference is that Matocha played in a real offensive system and scheme in high school unlike Perry.

Matocha also is taller than Williams, and has about 20 pounds on Perry. I’m expecting to see the Houston native redshirt his freshman year however.

Who’s going to be the starting corners?

Trajan Bandy and DJ Ivey, with Al Blades Jr. and Christian Williams getting significant playing time.

When will a decision be made on Tate Martell?

It’s been reported that a decision will be made before spring ball starts, which is on March 19th.

Who are other portal recruits we should be looking at?

Offensive lineman: Parker Braun, Larry Boyd, Drew Richmond, among others just at OL.

Other positions: Daviyon Nixon (DT, Iowa), Ykili Ross (S, USC), Ron Tatum (DE, Oklahoma)

What are the differences we’re going to see in Dan Enos’ offense?

Well let’s hope the biggest difference under new OC Dan Enos will be more points on the scoreboard. In more specifics, Enos used a lot of formations at Alabama and Arkansas that Miami fans should be excited about. What excites me is that Enos loves tight ends, so expect to see a lot of Brevin Jordan and Will Mallory. Jordan is one of the top TE’s in the nation already, so expect him to blow up in 2019.

Alabama utilized the run game heavy in 2018 with three RB’s over 700 yards last year, and with the Hurricanes plethora of running backs, Miami will run the power and the split zone a lot.

Another SOTU writer Justin Dottavio wrote about this and went into the film room to breakdown Enos’ offense.

Who will start at running back?

I’ve mentioned running backs a lot this week, because the Canes are deeper than they’ve been in a long time at RB. I’d expect Deejay Dallas to start and then Lorenzo Lingard to back him up and then Cam’Ron Davis third-string, then you can even throw Asa Martin into the mix if he can play. Like I said, not a bad problem to have.

Worst Canes game you ever attended?

Can’t just pick one to be honest. First, against Virginia Tech at home in 2006, where Kyle Wright threw an interception in our own territory, score tied in the closing minutes, I was about 11 years old. Guy came to up to in the stands and said, “you’re too young to watch this horror.” Also last game in the Orange Bowl against Virginia, and maybe Notre Dame in Chicago in 2012.