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REPORT: Date change possible for Miami vs Florida season opening game

An interesting development potentially on the horizon

Pittsburgh v Miami Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

February 28 update

The University of Miami, University of Florida, ESPN, Florida Citrus Sports, and the College Football 150th Anniversary Organization released this joint statement regarding the potential date change for the Miami-Florida season opener:

“This past December, Miami, Florida and Florida Citrus Sports were approached by ESPN, who had the College Football 150th organization’s support (the entity overseeing the upcoming season-long celebration), to explore interest in moving the Camping World Kickoff game in Orlando to August 24 as part of a special kick off day celebrating the sports 150th anniversary season. This is a unique and rare opportunity that would showcase college football, both storied programs, and the state of Florida. In January, a waiver was submitted to the NCAA seeking approval to move the game under this premise. Both schools, along with ESPN, College Football 150th Anniversary organization and Florida Citrus Sports, understand that fans, and the teams themselves, need time to make necessary arrangements should the waiver be granted. A decision is anticipated shortly.”

Original story

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the date of the season-opening Miami Hurricanes vs Florida Gators game could be changing.

According to the report, the game could change from August 31st to August 24th. From the Sentinel report:

The game is slated for Aug. 31 at Orlando’s Camping World Stadium, but the date change would better showcase the first matchup between the long-standing rivals since 2013. It also would mark the earliest start to the football season for either school.

Before the move can happen, however, the NCAA would have to approve it. A decision is expected soon.

Obviously, a solo stage for Canes vs Gators would be great (as opposed to having that game on Aug31 with a TON of other openers and kickoff classics).

And, in case you’re wondering about kickoff time on either date, the University of Miami says that regardless of the date, the game would be “at night”.

So, while ESPN may be interested in moving the date of Miami vs Florida, the NCAA will have final say in the matter.

My suggestion to YOU, Miami family, is get a hotel room for both weekends now and cancel the one you don’t need once the final announcement is made.

Love this potential move? Hate it with the passion of 10,000 suns? Hop in the comments and let me know.

Go Canes