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3-star DB Martin Emerson Jr. sticks with commitment, signs with Mississippi State

Sometimes the first choice is the best choice.

Pensacola (FL) Pine Forest DB Martin Emerson Jr is sticking with Mississippi State

After a long flirtation with the Miami Hurricanes, Pensacola (FL) Pine Forest 3-star DB Martin Emerson Jr. has decided to stick with his original commitment and sign with the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Miami had been heavily pursuing the 6’2” 185lb Emerson Jr. throughout the 2019 recruiting cycle. When Manny Diaz left Miami to be the head coach at Temple, things looks like they were done between Miami and Emerson Jr. But then, Diaz returned to Miami, and the game was afoot once again.

Emerson Jr. took advantage of the new NCAA rule allowing a player to return to a school for a 2nd Official Visit if that team undergoes a head coaching change and spent time in Coral Gables a couple weekends ago. And, even then, things looked very positive for Miami’s flip prospects.

But, things changed. Some say now that Miami doesn’t have a spot for Emerson Jr. Others, that he had a change of heart and simply desired to stick with the team that first showed him the love. Either way, Miami fell back and Mississippi State moved back in to prime position to keep this defender in their class.

In the end, Emerson Jr. is heading to Starkville, not Coral Gables. Personally, I think I’m okay with this, and wish Emerson Jr. the best moving forward.

Go Canes